The Project's Carrie Bickmore and Kate Langbroek share tense moment

Though normally quite light-hearted and fun, Tuesday night's episode of The Project featured a seemly tense moment between host's Carrie Bickmore and Kate Langbroek.

The panellists had been talking about how the increased number of people still working from home was affecting central business districts in major cities, with Carrie sympathising with business owners saying the situation was "so hard".

"There's nothing better than a vibrant, bustling city," Carrie said.

"But the flexibility it has created for workers who couldn't keep up with going into the city every day with families..."


However, she was cut off by Kate, who appeared a little irritated over the topic, replying in a curt tone: "Well, apparently the one thing better than a vibrant bustling city is working from your bed. That is the problem."

the project Kate Langbroek
Kate Langbroek seemed a little put off by the subject. Photo: Channel 10

Carrie and Waleed Aly went on to ponder whether the solution was getting "a different group of people" access to the office spaces, maybe turning them into "creative spaces".

"That might make it vibrant in a different way. And the cafes still get a chance to serve coffees and food," she said.

Again though, Kate interjected saying: "Transition is hard always, though."

Carrie Bickmore and waleed on the project
Carrie Bickmore and Kate appear to have a tense exchange. Photo: Channel 10

The apparent frostiness was so noticeable that fellow host Waleed stepped in as the voice of reason.

"But when it is forced on you then things happen, right?" he asked.

Carrie moved things along by then throwing to an ad break: "We're going to take a transition now! More Project still to come," she said.

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