The Project called out for 'creepy' and 'disappointing' segment

The Project has been slammed for disrespecting women after airing footage of a woman trying to cool down in the US.

The Project has been slammed after airing footage of a woman attempting to cool down and making crass jokes about her.

The footage showed an unnamed woman in the US using a fan to cool down in the heat, before she moves the fan to the lower part of her body, lifting a leg as she does it.

Uploading the footage on their Instagram and captioning it "This is not safe for work..." The Project was swiftly called out for showing the video and making fun of the woman.

The Project's Sam Taunton and Sarah Harris
The Project is being slammed after making crass jokes about a woman trying to cool herself down. Photo: Network 10

"When watching college football in Southern Alabama, sometimes you need to do all you can to stay cool," Sam Taunton began, as the footage aired to laughs in the studio.


"It gets sweaty," Sarah Harris said.

"I guess it can get humid in the south," Taunton replied.

The Project segment met with disappointment from viewers: 'No laughs here'

"This is beyond creepy on The Project's behalf! You say respect woman then do this on public television without her consent!" one person said.

"This is really disappointing to see. Yes, you can record freely in public spaces. Should the person recording have considered deleting the footage, yes. Should they have shared it with the world, no. Should The Project have re-shared it, absolutely not. Do better," another commented.

"No laughs here. Just disappointment in your choice and lack of sensitivity. Let’s see if you make an in air apology tonight," another said.

The show was also schooled as to why a woman would need to fan her legs in the heat.

"She’s actually fanning her legs, lifts one of her legs. Welcome to menopause where the back of your knees and legs get hot too as your body thinks it’s overheating," one person explained. "Trying to make it something it’s not!"

"Welcome to menopause hell," another said.

So far the show hasn't commented on the backlash to the segment, and the video remains up on Instagram. Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Network 10 for comment.

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