The Project's Sarah Harris swoons over French soccer coach: 'Sexy'

"I don't want to objectify the man... but phwoar!"

The Project's Sarah Harris, like millions of other Aussies, tuned in to watch the Matildas take on France in the Women's World Cup on Saturday night, with many also taking note of the French team's coach Hervé Renard.

The host was left swooning over the coach, joking, "I don't want to objectify the man... but phwoar!"

The Project's Sarah Harris and Hamish Macdonald
The Project's Sarah Harris has joined countless other soccer fans by declaring her love for the 'sexy' French coach Hervé Renard. Photo: Ten

"It's the jaw line, tan, the hair, the shirt unbuttoned just so. There's a sense of arrogance about him that just seems so... sexy," she added.

Sarah joked that seeing Hervé throughout the game was exactly what she needed when watching the stressful match.


"Every time they cut to him when France was doing really well, it was a bit of a salve," she quipped.

"Would you like us to leave you alone with this vision?" Hamish Macdonald joked.

"Yes, I'd like to add it to my personal file," she said with a laugh, adding, "They've said that come the Paris Olympics, they're going to get their revenge and they're waiting for us. That sounds sexy to me."

Hervé Renard
Hervé Renard's team may not have won Saturday night's match, but he certainly won the hearts of many. Photo: Getty (FIFA via Getty Images)

Many other soccer fans agree with Sarah, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts.

"How can the French coach be hot?" one user questioned. "Are they tempting us to change allegiances b4 the penalty shoot out?"

"The French women’s soccer team coach tho," another added.

"Sorry but the french coach is a bit *too* hot," a third said.

"Nice that the French coach took time out from his modelling career," someone else joked.

"The French coach looks like he is biding his time between Mills & Boon cover modelling assignments," another said.

"The French coach has me all hot and bothered," one user wrote.

Many others thought he looked like Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, with one user writing, "When did Jaime Lannister become the French women's soccer coach?"

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