The Morning Show's Kylie Gillies praised for 'relatable' moment

The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies has been praised by fans after sharing a behind-the-scenes moment working mums can relate to.

Posting a video on Instagram, Kylie showed she was live streaming her son's winter schools sports assembly in an ad break so she could see him receive school colours for his AFL.

"Working mums. You just do what you've gotta do, right?" she captioned the video.

"Like watch a school assembly in your work commercial break."

Kylie added it was the first winter sports assembly since 2019 due to the pandemic and said her husband Tony was able to be there in person.

Kylie Gillies watched her son's assembly during The Morning Show's ad breaks. Source: Instagram
Kylie Gillies watched her son's assembly during The Morning Show's ad breaks. Source: Instagram

"I'm taking a couple of days off for the final valedictory events in a few weeks," she wrote.

"In the meantime ... how terrific is technology! His grandma watched from Queensland."

A woman who said she was a breakfast news presenter commented on the post, saying it was, "SO SO relatable".

"We need to support other mums like us – in fact ALL mums – who do their best every single day AND their partners," she said.

"Awesome that you could share in Archie's achievement, Kylie," another commented.

"Totally relatable," a third added while a fan said, "Wonderful you could watch and live stream it. Takes away mother guilt".


Kylie is often praised by fans for sharing behind-the-scenes moments, with her posting a hilarious video with Sunrise reporter Sally Bowrey in July as she stood in for Larry Emdur.

Kylie began the video by thanking Sally for being on the show with her, saying the network love it when the pair are together.

Sally Bowrey and Kylie Gillies blowing their hair with a fan.
The Morning Show hosts Kylie Gillies and Sally Bowrey had fans in stitches with their video. Source: Seven/Instagram

“So good having you back on The Morning Show Sally, the network loves it, because we are together, so low maintenance,” Kylie told her co-star.

The camera then pulled out to reveal a large ring light focused on the ladies, before Sally turned a fan on to add some Hollywood magic.

Kylie and Sally then shook their hair in slow motion as music played, with the hosts striking multiple poses.

Fans were delighted by the video, with some pointing out the pair could have a future in comedy.

“Not high maintenance at all,” a viewer quipped.

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