Larry Emdur left speechless over Kylie Gillies' ‘joke’: 'Cow of our own over here'

The Morning Show’s Larry Edmur was left speechless on Wednesday, after Kylie Gillies made a cash cow joke live on air.

The Sunrise team were getting ready to wrap up for the day before they cut to Larry and Kylie over on The Morning Show to see what was coming up.

Larry Edmur and Kylie Gillies on The Morning Show
Larry Edmur looked lost for words on The Morning Show. Photo: The Morning Show

Monique Wright, who is filling in for host Natalie Barr during the festive season, had just finished talking about the cash cow segment, where people can ring in and win $30,000 in an instant.

She said to Larry: “Larry, I know you never miss our cash cow call, well tomorrow is the last one of the year, so you want to record it and rewatch it.”

Straight off the bat, Kylie could be heard confidently saying: “Yep, Larry’s going to double it”.

The camera then cut to Larry, who looked thoroughly shocked by Kylie’s words.


Kylie Gillies laughing at cash cow prize joke on The Morning Show
Kylie joked that Larry would double the cash cow prize for viewers. Photo: The Morning Show

Monique Wright noticed how uncomfortable Larry was, saying: “He’s going to be sick”.

Kylie continued, saying: “That’s so generous” as she burst out laughing.

The Sunrise team loved the joke, with Edwina Bartholomew clapping and Monique saying: “It’s so generous”.

The Sunrise Christmas 2021 team
The Sunrise team were in stitches ove the joke. Photo: The Morning Show

Larry finally managed to get some words out through gritted teeth, as Kylie was bent over laughing.

“It makes me feel great to be able to give something back to the network that has given me so much over the years.

“So all you have to do is answer 40 questions in two minutes,” he joked. “Plenty of time to answer.”

Kylie composed herself saying: “It was just a joke”.

Larry got in a jab of his own at Kylie, saying: “Turns out we have a cow of our own over here.”

Kylie burst out laughing again, telling viewers: “Ah it’s going to be a good day”.

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