The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur divides opinion with kitchen photo: ‘Stressful’

Larry Emdur has sparked a social media debate after posting a video showing the unusual way he stacks dishes in the drying rack.

The Morning Show host took to Instagram on Sunday to share the clip of his wine glasses, coffee mugs, bowls, utensils and plastic containers precariously balanced on top of each other.

Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.
The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur has divided opinion with his peculiar method for stacking dishes. Photo: Instagram/larryemdur

While Larry was clearly proud of his unique method, which saw the dishes spilling off into the sink, he revealed in the caption that his wife Sylvie isn’t a fan.

“Sylvie hates it when I do this, she says it causes her large amounts of stress,” he wrote.

“I think it’s clever and practical use of available space. What do you think?”

As expected, a number of his followers left comments expressing their very mixed opinions.

“Omg. That is SO stressful,” Samantha Armytage replied, while Sunrise host Natalie Barr added, “She is right. You are wrong.”

“I am confused. Isn’t that what a dishwasher is for?” Today’s Belinda Russell said.

“Larry what are you thinking? I’m with Sylvie on this one too!” one fan remarked, followed by another who commented, “Disaster waiting to happen when it slides”.


Meanwhile, others agreed with Larry’s inventive technique and said that they often do the same.

“I get it mate, I'm on your side with this one,” Manu Feildel shared, with Grant Denyer adding, “You deserve a Nobel Peace prize”.

“Prac. Ti. CAL. Why have one layer, when you could have SEVERAL LAYERS all working SIMULTANEOUSLY,” Virginia Gay agreed.

“I think it's bloody genius. There is definitely room for a lot more on there though. Skill level: Strong amateur/semi-pro stacker!” someone else wrote.

Larry Emdur's drying rack with wine glasses, coffee mugs, bowls, utensils and plastic containers precariously balanced on top of each other.
One follower labelled Larry’s method as ‘genius’. Photo: Instagram/larryemdur

Larry’s controversial post comes shortly after his Channel Seven colleague Edwina Bartholomew unknowingly became the centre of a different social media debate.

The Sunrise star shared a seemingly innocent photo of her daughter Molly looking into the fridge, but it was one ingredient on the shelf that divided fans.

"I’m fascinated that someone actually keeps their tomato sauce in the fridge,” one person wrote, followed by another who said, "I'm so glad someone else keeps their tomato sauce in the fridge”.

“Tomato sauce should be in the cupboard,” a third stated, prompting a different user to reply, “Check bottle. Actually says refrigerate after opening!”

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