Home and Away's Emily Weir reveals the one reality show she'd never do

EXCLUSIVE: The actress spills on why she said 'yes' to Dancing With The Stars instead of doing other reality shows.

She finished in second place on this year’s season of Dancing With The Stars, but fans shouldn’t expect Emily Weir to return to reality TV anytime soon.

The Home And Away actress tells Yahoo Lifestyle that although she underwent gruelling training for the dancing competition, she wouldn’t sign up for Channel Seven’s other physically demanding celebrity-based reality show, SAS Australia.

Dancing With The Stars’ Emily Weir.
Dancing With The Stars’ Emily Weir says she would never sign up for SAS Australia. Photo: Channel Seven

“I just think for me, my shtick is more about performance,” she explains. “Essentially I want to be an actor, and I want to be a dramatic, comedic, all-encompassing actor. And so I can't let go of that dream just yet.

“And I think Dancing and that experience and what that show represents can only enhance my experience as an actor.”


She adds that she would never want to be a part of a reality show that is “targeted at pulling trauma out of people”.

“No shade!” she adds. “There's many good ones out there and it's very popular and it has a place of course because it's popular and people want it. I watch it as well.

“But for me and what I want to represent and where I want to go, Dancing kind of fit that same narrative for me because it's about fun and it’s about lightness and it’s about dancing.”

Dancing With The Stars’ Emily Weir performing on the show.
Emily admits she ‘couldn’t walk for a lot of the days after particular trainings’. Photo: Channel Seven

'I couldn't walk'

While Emily describes her DWTS experience as a “magical dream”, she admits she found the training to be extremely tough.

“I’m a runner and I go to the gym and [I do] yoga, that kind of stuff, but it's totally different,” she explains. “You're pushing your body in such different ways.

“I couldn't walk for a lot of the days after particular trainings and I had to get needles in my bum and my groin was really sore and I could barely walk. Thankfully, it was never to the point where I couldn't perform, but that happens.

“You have to be really careful, it’s really testing on the body - especially with lifts and holding your body weight correctly. And I'm a baller, I was like, ‘Let's go for it, throw me around, I really want to risk it for the biscuit’.”


Dancing With The Stars’ nail-biting grand finale saw Emily and Human Nature singer Phil Burton both receive a score of 39 from the judges for their final performances.

However, the audience vote bumped Phil into first place and earned him both the winning title and $20,000 for his chosen charity, NSW Police Legacy.

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