Summer Warne says she 'never asked' to be in the public eye following Masked Singer reveal

EXCLUSIVE: Shane Warne's daughter reveals she was followed by paps from a young age and couldn't lead a normal childhood.

Late cricket star Shane Warne's daughter, Summer Warne, was the latest person to be unmasked on The Masked Singer, bringing the judges to tears with her rendition of Coldplay's Yellow.

The 21-year-old is the youngest daughter of Shane Warne, who died in March 2022, aged 52.

She told the panel, consisting of Mel B, Abbie Chatfield, Dave Hughes, and Chrissie Swan, that Yellow was her late father's favourite song and was played at his funeral.

Summer Warne as Bad Avo on The Masked Singer
Bad Avo on The Masked Singer turned out to be late cricketer Shane Warne's youngest daughter, Summer Warne. Photo: Ten

“I want to make Dad proud," she said after being unmasked. "Singing Yellow was absolutely amazing - that song was his funeral song. Chris Martin sang it at the state memorial.”

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Summer Warne opened up about the decision to go on the show, saying while she had never had singing lessons before, she knows her dad would be proud.

'I'm not a celebrity'

"I never really took singing seriously, because I just didn't think I was good enough," she said. "I'm not a celebrity, no one's really going to know who I am, so shout out to my dad because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't get this opportunity. I'm so glad I did it.'

As for whether Shane would've done a show like The Masked Singer, Summer was quick to laugh it off.

"I think I'm A Celeb was it for him. I don't think he could sing on one of these shows," she laughed. "But he'd be so happy that I had a crack at it."

Summer Warne Shane Warne
Summer Warne dedicated her Masked Singer performance to her father Shane Warne. Photo: Ten/

"I was so happy [my song] touched them in a way that made them feel connected to the song, I think everyone loved Dad and he meant so much to Australia and the rest of the world. I think everyone was really proud and happy for me."

'I never asked to be in this life'

Summer also opened up about life in the public eye, saying she and her siblings were followed to school growing up.

The late Shane Warne with his kids Jackson, Brooke, and Summer.
The late Shane Warne with his kids Jackson, Brooke, and Summer. Photo: Getty

"I think from the age of eight, I was getting followed to school each day and there'd be cameras and the teachers would have to tell them to leave me alone. If I was out at a party, I thought I had to act a certain way, because if I did the wrong thing, or said the wrong thing, people would look at my family and go, 'Oh, she's a horrible person'," she shared.


"I never wanted... I never asked to be in this life. And I think it was just very hard growing up in an environment where your whole life is kind of on screen. And if Dad made a mistake, it would reflect on me. And, you know, I thought people were looking at me differently.

But at the end of the day, Dad was who he was, and I loved him. And you know, he couldn't do wrong in my eyes, he's my dad and I love him to bits."

'We're just trying to live our lives and move on'

Summer said since Shane's death in 2022, the public scrutiny has amplified when it comes to the lives of herself, and her siblings Jackson and Brooke.

"I think it's [the paparazzi] has gotten a bit more hectic, because they can't follow him [Shane] around now, and they want to follow us," Summer revealed.

"They write stories and the public is like 'we don't want to hear about them or they're not celebrities'. But we're just living our lives, whether that's going out for breakfast, or going out on a Saturday night, you know, it's just gonna get written about.

We're just trying to live our lives and move on. Unfortunately, it is what it is."

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