Abbie Chatfield reveals secret health battle: 'I was in denial'

The Masked Singer judge is currently in hospital.

The Masked Singer's Abbie Chatfield
The Masked Singer's Abbie Chatfield. Photo: Ten/

The Masked Singer judge Abbie Chatfield has updated her fans on Instagram about a secret health battle she was facing, advocating for people to back themselves if they're in pain and not to push through it.

Abbie, 28, revealed that she was suffering from a severe kidney infection and thought she'd be able to push through work after taking oral antibiotics. Instead, the star ended up in hospital, where she's been for the last three days.

"I had a kidney infection and was basically in denial about how bad it was, so didn't go straight to hospital despite crying from the pain in my bladder and back," Abbie said on her Instagram stories.

"I didn't want to mess anyone around, and now I've ended up messing everyone around more and also I'm very sick in a place none of my friends or family can come visit me in," she shared.

"Also second time in hospital in a month, so probs need to figure out what's going on with me."


Abbie Chatfield in hospital
Abbie Chatfield has shared with her followers she's been suffering from a severe kidney infection. Photo:

Abbie was previously hospitalised earlier this month after suffering an intense migraine.

She had updated her followers about her journey after dealing with the migraine for a number of days.

"I've been up all night vomiting and writhing in pain. It's now been 24 hours. Help," Abbie captioned the story, before asking her followers for their tips on how to get rid of the migraine.


In July Abbie revealed she had been in a retreat in Thailand, after dealing with severe work burnout and realising she had a "genuine addiction to work".

"I've been absolutely depleted and burnt out by the start of this year for a number of reasons," she said on her podcast It's A Lot.

"But I've been here for about five days and I think I've realised that my priorities need to shift a bit, to be honest, I've taken on so many jobs and so many roles."

This later resulted in Abbie quitting her radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield.

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