The Masked Singer 2023: Osher Günsberg spills on 'full on' security

From Chrissie Swan's accurate guesses to high-level security, The Masked Singer is taking no risks these season.

The Masked Singer returns tonight, and the chaotic singing show looks to be stepping things up a notch with more elaborate costumes and clues about Hollywood stars, athletes, and nostalgic Aussie pop icons.

From Bouncer the Kangaroo to the Grim Reaper, the show is going all out to keep fans guessing at who the mystery voice beneath the mask is. And one person who's also playing along is host Osher Günsberg.

While it's easy to assume the host knows exactly who's behind the mask the whole time, he vehemently denies that he does, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that it's only when the head comes off that he finds out who's who.

"I've got it narrowed down," he shared. "I have a good think about it, and have a short list of two-three [guesses]."

Osher credited his long career in the music and entertainment industry for helping him with the job of host.

“I’m so afraid I won’t know who they are every single time but thankfully I’ve been OK," he laughed. “My brain is just full of a vast array of things."

Keeping The Masked Singer celebs hidden

The Masked Singer Abbie and bluebottle mask
The Masked Singer is set for more big surprises this season. Photo: Network 10

Osher detailed the extreme lengths the show goes to to keep the celebrities under wraps —quite literally.

"There’s a whole other aspect of the production that I do not see and I do not know about, because if I told you, I’d tell you!" he said.

"All I can say is if the masks are too big for them to walk up and down the stage to, because there are stairs, then they will wear this Obi-Wan Kenobi level kind of cloak which conceals their body shape, you can’t see their hands, you can’t see their gait."


He also opened up about the lengths the security team goes to make sure the identities of the celebrities aren't leaked.

"I’m not even making this up, when they [the celebrities] take their head off and we have to clear the studio, security whip a thing out and scan for bugs. Like Jason Bourne. It’s full-on," he said.

"The most important part of our show is the reveal! In reality TV you’re looking for the authentic reaction. That’s why we have to keep it secret."

The best judge revealed

Osher Günsberg
Osher Günsberg is back for Season 4 of The Masked Singer. Photo: Supplied

With the judging panel being made up of Chrissie Swan, Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes, and Abbie Chatfield, Osher shared that there's one judge in particular who the wider team has to watch out for.

"Chrissie Swan is so good, she’s unfairly good. She’s a sharpened blade of broadcasting. Our clue team have to double and triple layer the clues, otherwise she’ll get it straight away, she’s that good," he said.

The Masked Singer returns tonight on Channel 10 and 10play at 7:30pm.

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