The Masked Singer’s Dannii Minogue storms off over celebrity reveal

The Masked Singer’s Dannii Minogue was so frustrated by the latest celebrity reveal that she 'stormed' off stage straight after he was unmasked.

It was no surprise to many people when The Kebab’s mask was taken off and Australian singing sensation Jack Vidgen’s smiling face was underneath.

Dannii Minogue in a blue top on The Masked Singer
Dannii Minogue walked off The Masked Singer stage. Photo: Channel 10

But it seems Dannii Minogue was disappointed with not getting her guess right, as she dramatically slammed shut her guessing book and pretended to walk off stage as a joke when Jack was unmasked.


“Dannii’s off. It’s been great working with you,” Dave Hughes was heard saying.

Dannii quickly returned to the stage, with Osher saying: “You fooled all of us, but nobody more so than Dannii Minogue who was one of the team of people that discovered you.”

Jack Vidgen as The Kebab
Jack Vidgen was unmaksed as The Kebab. Photo: Channel 10
Dannii Minogue on The Masked Singer
Dannii Minogue closed her folder and walked off. Photo: Channel 10

Later, Dannii took to Instagram to share a selfie with Jack, writing: "Got me good @JackVidgen"

Jack Vidgen found fame when he won Australia’s Got Talent at the age of 14, however speaking last night he said: “This has been the wildest thing I have ever done.”

In September, Jack denied he was The Kebab during an interview with Hit100.9's Jimmy and Nath.

"Jack, are you the Kebab?" host Nathan Roye questioned the singer.

"No, I'm not. I'm waiting for Channel 10 to call me up because I want to do the show," Jack laughed as he told the boys.

Producer of the show Grace Garde said she was a friend of Jack's and would bet "her house" on the fact he's the Kebab.

"I know Jack can't give anything away, if it is him, obviously, I don't want to throw him under the bus, but I would put my house on it," she said.

"Looks like you're losing your house, doll," Jack responded.

In tonight’s finale episode of The Masked Singer, Vampire, Dolly and Mullet will go head-to-head to battle it out for the crown.

Betting agency Sportsbet has put Vampire in the top spot, with their odds sitting at 1.15 at the time of writing.

The judges on The Masked Singer Australia
The other judges seemed shocked. Photo: Channel 10
Dannii Minogue and Jack Vidgen
Later, Dannii took to her Twitter to upload a picture with Jack. Photo: Twitter/Dannii Minogue

The elaborately dressed character has impressed both the audience and judges alike with their performances each week, singing Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio featuring LV in the show’s premiere and Sia’s Cheap Thrills most recently.

As well as judges Dannii Minogue and Jackie O, fans online are convinced that American singer-songwriter Anastacia is under the gothic mask.

Her clues include “I do not fear the daylight”, which is said to be referencing her early record label, Daylight, “Werewolves fear gold, Vampires do not, we revel in it”, which viewers think is about her famous gold sunglasses, and a picture of Freddie Mercury because she performed with Queen in 2003.

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