Jackie ‘O’ Henderson bursts into tears live on-air after prank backfires

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson was brought to tears on The Kyle & Jackie O Show after a phone prank with a fake neighbour went awry.

The radio star made headlines earlier this week after complaining about the ‘scumbag’ in her neighbourhood who had put trash in her bins.

Jackie O crying.
Jackie O burst into tears after a prank went wrong on Wednesday. Photos: KIIS

“Some a**hole’s dumped all their rubbish in my bins,” she exclaimed on Monday. “What a prick, that’s the lowest of low, you scumbag.”

Jackie decided to apologise for her remarks on Wednesday morning, saying she now believes the situation was simply a misunderstanding.


She explained the neighbour was probably doing her a favour by disposing of the newspapers that were being piled up at the front of her house.

“What I think has happened is a lovely kind neighbour has thought, ‘I'll clean up Jackie's mess and put it in her bin’,” she detailed.

Jackie O posing.
Kyle organised for one of Jackie’s angry ‘neighbours’ to call into the show. Photo: Instagram/jackieo_official

Unbeknownst to Jackie, her co-host Kyle Sandilands had organised for a KIIS employee to call into the show and pretend to be one of her angry neighbours.

“I just want to ring up and say thanks for the blast on the radio,” she began her outburst. “I’m pretty pissed really.”

The Masked Singer judge was lost for words and tried to point out she never directly blamed her neighbours, but the caller persisted.

After a very tense two and a half minutes, Kyle revealed that it was all a prank as part of their ongoing segment ‘Only Lying’.

Jackie O on The Masked Singer.
Jackie said she thought “the whole street”hated her. Photo: Instagram/jackieo_official

Jackie immediately burst into tears while Kyle apologised, saying, “I thought this would be hilarious and it’s backfired”.

“I thought the whole street hated me,” she said through tears. “I don’t even know why I’m crying, must be hormones or something.

“She was being so mean, I thought oh my god, everyone hates me in the street. I don’t want that, nobody ever wants that.”

Meanwhile, Kyle tried to make her laugh by declaring “welcome to my daily life, and I feel no guilt”.

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