The Masked Singer: Abbie Chatfield's rise to fame

The Masked Singer is back and with it, new celebrity judges trying to guess who is under the mask.

One of those is the increasingly popular Abbie Chatfield.

It wasn't that long ago Abbie was just another reality TV contestant trying her luck at fame, but now she's clearly pulled off the crossover to bona fide celeb status.

The Masked Singer's Mel B (left) and Abbie Chatfield (right) attend the 62nd TV Week Logie Awards, Mel wears an orange full length dress whilst Abbie stuns in a shiny silver spaghetti strap dress, crowd stage and red carpet in background
Two of The Masked Singer's newest panellists Mel B and Abbie Chatfield. Photo: Getty Images (Jono Searle via Getty Images)

Abbie started out her public life as a contestant on the 2019 season of The Bachelor.

While she did manage to get then eligible bachelor Matt Agnew's attention, she missed out on the final rose.

That wasn't the last we saw of her though.

She went on to compete in Bachelor in Paradise Australia the following year and I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! in 2021.


During her time on dating shows, Abbie was criticised for being 'manipulative' and 'overly sexual'.

"I think it just came down to the fact that society understands sexuality as a manipulation tactic from women, not as a genuine feeling," Abbie explained to Mia Freedman on her No Filter podcast.

"All the older girls that were about 30 had a real issue with it. And even on Bachelor in Paradise, two of the girls said to me the reason why I'm single is because I sleep with people on the first date," she went on to say.

But using her newly found social platform and podcasts like Mia's, Abbie spoke out for her generation, refusing to be labelled negatively for liking something as natural as sex.

Abbie Chatfield attends The Body Shop's spread the joy event at Bondi Beach on December 03, 2021 in Sydney, Australia.
Abbie has never been afraid of saying just what she is thinking and feeling and making other women feel comfortable for doing the same. Photo: Getty Images (Wendell Teodoro via Getty Images)

"Because all my friends were such strong feminists and we'd had all these slut-shaming talks from when we were 19," she said.

Her honesty, openness and willingness to discuss formerly taboo subjects obviously struck a chord with Aussies as she went on to win I'm A Celeb!

From there she landed a presenting job hosting Love Island Afterparty, launched her podcast It's A Lot and even began hosting a radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield on Hit Network.

As well as The Masked Singer, Abbie is now hosting her own television chat show on Network 10 aptly called Abbie Chats.

"This show is not just something I’m hosting, but also a concept of my own that has been a long time in the making," she excitedly wrote in an Instagram post about the show.

And Abbie continues to live her 'unconventional' life showing a generation that being yourself is the most important thing.

"There’s such a stigma around sexuality among all genders but particularly around women because it’s obviously patriarchal structures and the fear of women enjoying pleasure and then not needing men because apparently, they think their only value is sex, which it’s not… always [laughs]," she said when asked about the product launch of her new vibrator.

"But I think it’s important to destigmatise these things and we could have happier, healthier lives with better sex," she added.

She's also been open in saying that she doesn't necessarily believe in monogamy and is in an open relationship with fellow reality TV star Konrad Bien-Stephens.

"We're in an open relationship, which we love," Abbie said on her podcast, "Monogamy isn’t important to me but honesty is, so we tell each other things."

Abbie Chatfield at the launch of the Museum of Self Love in Sydney
In just three years Abbie has gone from a reality TV show contestant to an outspoken feminist role model. Photo: Getty Images (Don Arnold via Getty Images)

It's hard to believe in just three short years, the outspoken and confident 27-year-old has navigated the path to reality TV fame and managed to become a celebrity in her own right.

Now she's joining fellow panellists Mel B, Dave Hughes and Chrissie Swan on The Masked Singer, we're sure she can hold her own!

The Masked Singer, coming soon to 10 and 10 Play on demand.

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