The Challenge week three recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

😃 The Good: Feuds form friendships

😔 The Bad: Group dinner explodes

😡 The Ugly: Birthday party disaster

It’s week three on The Challenge Australia and tensions have never been higher, with the house clearly divided into two distinct alliances.

As well as competing against one another in gruelling physical challenges, there were plenty of moments during Monday night's double episode where the contestants engaged in a fierce war of words and expressed their true feelings towards one another.

House feuds form strong friendships

While The Bachelor contestants formed a strong alliance in the house based on the fact they had all appeared on the same TV franchise, Olympian Emily Seebohm, MAFS star Ryan Gallagher, Love Island winner Grant Crapp and champion boxer Sugar Neeks Johnson quickly became a tight-knit group of their own.

“We just connected like no tomorrow,” Ryan tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I’m still very close with Emily, Sugar, Grant and Johnny [Eastoe].”

The comedian adds that despite what viewers saw from his experience on TV, he actually enjoyed his time on the show and had fun.

“There’s a lot of stuff that we do, obviously the challenges and everything, that takes it away from all the bullying and crap that went on,” he says. “The drama is not the show. It sure happened, but I made some great friends out of that show and I got to do things I never would have got to do unless I’d done the show.”

The Challenge alliances.
The Challenge contestants are divided into two distinct alliances. Photos: Channel Ten


Group dinner party explodes

After Brittany Hockley and Conor Curran selected Ryan and Sugar to compete in the elimination challenge in the hopes of breaking down their alliance, Emily took their plan personally.

She and the Life Uncut podcast host’s conversation at the backyard dinner party quickly turned into a screaming match with a number of other Bachelor alums joining in.

“I don’t even know why Emily’s involved, she’s not even in the elimination,” Brittany said in her confessional. “She’s just obsessed with Ryan. She’s like the knight in shining armour jumping to his defence. She needs to butt out.”

Sugar tells Yahoo Lifestyle that while it never aired on TV, she actually defended Emily after she had left the party in tears.

“I came back down and just said to everyone, ‘Look, that's pretty unfair that you all just jumped in on Emily like that, you’ve still got to look after one's mental health’,” she shared.

“To have everyone against Emily I was like, ‘Come on guys, that’s not fair’. Someone had to have her back and no one else in the house did, so me, Ryan and Grant had her back.”

The Challenge's Brittany Hockley and Emily Seebohm.
Brittany Hockley and Emily Seebohm engaged in a war of words at the backyard dinner party. Photos: Channel Ten


Birthday party disaster

To celebrate Brittany’s birthday, the show’s producers organised a party on a two-story yacht for the group to enjoy. However, this was quickly cancelled after Konrad Bien-Stephen and Ryan came to blows on the walk to the bus.

“You’ve never been in a fight in your life!” Ryan yelled as the rest of the cast tried to keep them apart, while Konrad responded, “You’re proud you’ve been in fights?"

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the incident, Ryan claims Konrad was the one who kicked off the quarrel.

“He kicked my foot trying to trip me over,” he says. “They didn't show that and then it just showed me turning around saying, ‘You’re a grub’. So there was a lot that wasn’t shown.

“At the end of the day, Konrad’s not a nasty person, he's not a bad person, it was just inside the game and things were said and it happened. Do I hate the bloke? No. Would I have a beer with him? No. But it's just the way it was. There were a lot of things they didn't show.”

Ryan’s feud against the Bachelor alliance ended up continuing inside the house where Brittany yelled at him for not letting her speak.

“None of you people matter to me,” Ryan responded. “You’re all absolute pieces of s**t in my mind.”

The Challenge's Konrad Bien-Stephen, Brittany Hockley and Ryan Gallagher.
Ryan Gallagher got in a fight with both Konrad Bien-Stephen and Brittany Hockley. Photos: Channel Ten


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