MAFS' Cyrell reveals truth behind feud with Grant on The Challenge

Season one of The Challenge Australia has seen some of the country’s biggest reality TV stars form surprising romances, close friendships and bitter rivalries, including a fiery feud between Cyrell Paule and Grant Crapp.

The pair of TV personalities, who already knew each other because Cyrell’s partner Eden Dally came second to Grant on Love Island in 2018, came to blows during the very first episode of Channel Ten's new competition series where she accused him of being “the biggest snake”.

The Challenge Australia's Grant Crapp and Cyrell Paule.
The Challenge’s Cyrell Paule has revealed the truth behind her feud with Grant Crapp. Photos: Channel Ten

Cyrell was angry that Grant had gone against her in the challenge and tried to put her up for elimination, despite the fact that he had supposedly promised Eden he would look out for her.

The former Married At First Sight bride has now spoken with Yahoo Lifestyle to reveal the truth about her relationship with Grant and explain how they formed an alliance before filming began.

“So basically, we hadn't even left to fly to Argentina, we were still in Sydney Airport,” she recalls. “Everyone was sitting in the other group, I was on my own, and he wandered over and found me. I was like, ‘Oh let me call Eden to tell him you’re here with me Grant!’.


“I never asked him to do this, no one forced him to do this and this is why it annoyed me, but he was like, ‘Oh bro, don't worry, I’ve got your missus’ back, I’m gonna defend her, I’m gonna watch out for her’.

“As soon as he left, Eden was like to me, ‘I know what he said, but do not trust him. I was on Love Island with that guy and I can tell you right now, he will dog you’. But I actually didn't believe my partner, I listened to the gronk and fell for it!”

‘The biggest cow’

In addition to having conflict with Grant in the house, Cyrell also had an intense fight with MasterChef star Conor Curran which was never shown on TV.

“They didn’t show it, but Conor dogged me hard,” she shares. “He tried to pin everything on me with putting Grant and Kiki [Morris] up for nomination [the previous night] when I had actually said, ‘If you can’t decide, flip a coin’.

“I was saying, ‘You’re the biggest cow, dog, cat, bulls**t artist’, everything. I don't know why they didn't air it, but I guess I’d already argued that many people that [the producers] just wanted me to go in peace.

“He got under a lot of skin and from what I can say, he pisses a lot of people off so he's one to look out for,” she continues. “But I think he enjoyed it. I think he didn't want to be remembered for making scrambled eggs anymore, and he just wanted to be now known as ‘Connor the villain’.”

The mother-of-one also butted heads with Love Island’s Audrey Kanongara early on in the show when they fought about sleeping arrangements, however, she says they quickly patched things up in an unaired scene.

“It was actually my bad,” she laughs. “I found out that Brooke [Blurton] was the one who started the jersey thing, it was never a rule, and everyone just kind of followed.

“Later in the night when I found out I was like, ‘Oh f**k! That means I’ve got to say sorry!’. So I went up to her and said sorry. I'm never scared to say sorry or apologise when I need to.”

‘I’m never scared to say sorry or apologise when I need to.’ Photo: Channel Ten
‘I’m never scared to say sorry or apologise when I need to.’ Photo: Channel Ten

‘I’m living for me’

Reflecting on her time on the show, Cyrell admits she wishes viewers were able to see more of her experience to be able to understand the context behind her outbursts.

“A lot of people think I snapped for no reason, but it only showed so many snippets of what I was getting angry at,” she details. “So I wish they showed more of what I was actually pissed off at and why I snapped and turned into Cyclone Cyrell.

“People can call me aggressive and call me angry but I am who I am and last time I checked, I'm not living for you, I’m living for me.”

Despite being eliminated in episode four, Cyrell teases that viewers might not have to wait long to see her on TV again.

“There is something in the works, but I can't say what it is yet,” she hints. “I like to say never say never. If something's interesting enough, why not?”

The Challenge Australia continues Monday 8:30pm on Channel Ten and 10play

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