Brittany Hockley reveals secret X-rated signals hidden at supermarkets

Former Bachelor star Brittany Hockley has spilled the beans on the secret codes people use to signal that they are at the supermarket to pick up something more than groceries.

The 35-year-old told listeners on her podcast Life Uncut that there is a secret language used to show other shoppers that you are single, looking for love, or even open to swinging by simply using a trolley and a few "special" items.

"There is this myth that you can go and pick up at a supermarket and there are all these secret signs and signals, depending on what you have in your trolley," Hockley shared.

Brittney Hockley with dog and book
Reality star Brittany Hockley has unveiled the "secret dating codes’"singles use in supermarkets. Photo: Instagram/@brittany_hockley

Admitting that she hadn't yet tried it herself, the former reality TV star explained the codes and how people use them to attract a partner during a shop.

"You have to get a trolley. You go to the fruit aisles. If you pick up a bunch of bananas, if they are upright – the curves facing up in the top trolley – this means that you are single," she said.

"Now if you just want to buy bananas, but you are not looking, you turn them the other way down. That means you are not open," she continued.


Pineapples and peaches

Hockley went on to add the meaning behind other produce in grocery carts.

"If you have a pineapple upside down in your trolley, you are telling everybody that you are a swinger and you are open to swinging," she disclosed. "If you want to show your interest in a man, you put a peach in his trolley."

Upside-down pineapples have long been a secret sign for swingers, as a young woman inadvertently discovered on a cruise last month.

Another young woman learned about the X-rated meaning after she had an upside-down pineapple tattooed on her wrist and made a bunch of TikTok videos with her ink on full display.

It was only when a friend hinted that there was something amiss about her ink that she discovered what it means in certain circles.

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