Jack Vidgen reveals there was 'so much' unaired drama on The Challenge

With 22 of the country’s most outspoken reality TV stars and sports personalities sharing a house and competing against one another for a $200,000 prize, it’s fair to say that Channel Ten’s new series The Challenge Australia might be one of the most drama-filled shows of the year.

But according to Jack Vidgen, viewers are definitely missing out on some of the juiciest parts.

The Challenge's Jack Vidgen.
Jack Vidgen says there’s ‘so much’ that happened on The Challenge that didn’t make it to air. Photo: Channel Ten

“There's just so much that happened and there’s so much that just didn’t get shown,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle following his elimination on Tuesday night.

“Even the first episode, that could’ve been over four episodes. It’s just insane. All the things that happened, all the conversations, all the tea, there was so much that was cut out. But I guess it has to all fit in an hour time slot or whatever.”


The 25-year-old reality TV veteran went on to reveal that some scenes appear “very chaotic” because the context was edited out.

“I was watching it and I was like, ‘Does this make sense to people?’, because there are conversations that aren't shown,” he continues.

“There was a lot of stuff that I’m kind of glad wasn’t shown though. There was a lot of s**t I think I said about people that I'm just glad I've come out the other end now and I'm keeping my sweet-as-pie reputation.”

The Challenge's Jack Vidgen.
‘I was just excited to do something out of my comfort zone and challenge myself and prove to myself that I could do something like this.’ Photo: Channel Ten

‘It was literally a game’

Speaking about why he decided to compete on The Challenge, Jack admits it was his appearance on Ninja Warrior earlier this year that helped inspired him.

“When I ended up winning that show I was like, 'S**t, okay!'” he laughs. “Then The Challenge reached out, and I feel like where I’m at in life now is just things seem to flow in a direction where they seem like they’re meant to happen and I go with it, and this was one of those things.

“I was just excited to do something out of my comfort zone and challenge myself and prove to myself that I could do something like this.”

He adds that in addition to making so many new friends, the best part of the experience was the fact that he was able to be his authentic self.

I’m A Celebrity I was very myself, but this is the first time I feel like I’ve really gone into something not trying to perform, not trying to be anything, not trying to say anything, but just being there for the ride with a glass of wine in hand,” he says.

“It was all fun and games. Some people took it a bit more seriously than others, but it was literally a game.”

The Challenge's Jack Vidgen.
Jack says he might retire from reality TV after The Challenge. Photo: Channel Ten

‘Am I a flog?’

Despite starring in countless reality TV shows throughout his career, most notably Australia’s Got Talent, The Voice, I’m A Celebrity and The Masked Singer, Jack says that The Challenge might be his last.

“I feel like I should hang my hat up now for competition shows,” he laughs. “I feel like that era is done maybe.

“I think about everything I’ve done and I think, ‘F**k, am I a flog’? But if a network reaches out to you and f**king offers you to go on a show and offers you a pay cheque, would you not say yes? Come on!”


Instead, Jack teases that he has “lots of little projects going on” including new music coming in 2023.

“What I’m really loving, because I find it’s most authentic to me right now, is just sticking with my club tracks that I love because they’re fun and upbeat,” he details.

“I’ll be doing a bunch of club shows with different queer clubs around Australia. And I've got a little TV idea thing that I'm working on in terms of creating, which is fun. There are lots of little projects but I just want to enjoy life and live.”

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