The Challenge's David Subritzky reveals truth about the show: 'Toxic'

He played the role of the ‘fake celebrity’ on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! earlier this year, but David Subritzky had nothing to hide coming onto Channel Ten’s new reality show The Challenge Australia.

The UK-born star, who was one of the 22 contestants selected to appear on the drama-filled series, was never afraid to call out his fellow competitors and say what was on his mind during his brief stint on the show.

The Challenge's David Subritzky.
The Challenge’s David Subritzky spills on his time on the show. Photo: Channel Ten

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle following his elimination on Monday night, David shares an insight into what it was really like living in a house filled with outspoken reality stars and sporting legends.

“Honestly, with I'm A Celebrity I thought it was more like a family camping holiday, whereas The Challenge was influencer Olympics. It was very different,” he remarks.

I’m A Celebrity was all different age ranges from all different walks of life, and I felt like on The Challenge everyone was kind of in the same age range working in the same industry. It was definitely more toxic.”


While David admits he’s sad he had to leave the house and say goodbye to everyone, he describes the cast as a “really weird dysfunctional incest family”.

“There were definitely more snakes in The Challenge house than there were on I’m A Celebrity, that’s for sure,” he laughs.

“When I was on I'm A Celebrity it felt like we were in nature with the trees and we were all cleansing, it was a nice little getaway. Whereas The Challenge was so toxic with the living conditions.”

The Challenge's David Subritzky looking shocked.
David says it was ‘so toxic’ being on The Challenge. Photo: Channel Ten


Like many other contestants, David says he initially had no idea what The Challenge was when he was first approached to compete, but quickly became obsessed after watching the US version.

“I was like, ‘This is hectic, sign me up’,” he recalls. “I'm such a yes man. I say yes to most things in life, so I was just super excited to test myself and see what I could push myself to do.

“With I’m A Celebrity, it’s not every day you can say you ate a pig’s anus on national television. So hanging off the side of a lorry driving down an airport runway whilst getting pegged, you can't say that too many times either.”

He adds that he walks away from the experience with “a better appreciation” for people who appear on reality TV shows where you’re being filmed 24/7.

“You just don't know what to expect,” he says. “It has to be condensed within a 45-minute show so realistically, some of the arguments you see you might not get the full context. I could have well come across as a shady b***h, but there's some truth behind what is being said.”

As for who he wants to win the season, David is hopeful that his close friend and I’m A Celebrity co-star Emily Seebohm will be victorious.

“I’ve got to back my bestie Emily,” he says. “I have everything crossed that she takes the crown, I love my Em!”

The Challenge Australia airs 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10 and 10 Play

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