MAFS' Ryan reveals truth about The Challenge feuds: 'Quite full-on'

He’s appeared on Married At First Sight and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, but Ryan Gallagher’s stint on The Challenge Australia was probably his most dramatic reality TV appearance yet.

The former TV groom, who was a part of the minority alliance with Emily Seebohm, Grant Crapp and Sugar Neeks Johnson against The Bachelor crew, repeatedly clashed with Brittany Hockley and Konrad Bien-Stephen during his time on the show and labelled them as “absolute pieces of s**t” during Monday night's explosive double episode.

MAFS’ Ryan Gallagher on The Challenge.
MAFS’ Ryan Gallagher has opened up about his time on The Challenge. Photo: Channel Ten

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle following his elimination, Ryan admits it was “quite full-on” living in the house with so much tension amongst the cast.

“The cameras were just capturing exactly what we were talking about or how life was actually going. There’s no acting, there are no scripts or anything,” he details.

“There were a lot of times before I left where it was very difficult for us with them downstairs doing movie nights and drinking and not including us with birthday cakes and everything and we were just in the room. It wasn't a fun situation to be in.”


Sugar, who was sent home alongside Ryan, agrees that it was “pretty wild” having the two distinct alliances living under the same roof.

“I’m pretty big on energies and I could just feel the tension between everyone,” she details. “When Ryan, Emily, Grant and myself were sort of in one spot, everyone else would be in another spot. Especially when say, Ryan would walk across the oval, no one would say anything.

“It was pretty crazy. The tension was full-on in the house.”

MAFS’ Ryan Gallagher on The Challenge.
‘I came across pretty bad on the show, but that's the unfortunate part. I’m not that person.’ Photo: Channel Ten

‘I came across pretty bad on the show’

Ryan went on to say that although he spent the first half of the experience making people laugh and having a fun time, the “bullying” and negativity brought out a different side to him.

“I came across pretty bad on the show, but that's the unfortunate part. I’m not that person,” he asserts. “I’ve been in media for five, six years and nothing's ever come out like that until this bloody show.

“Yes, there were arguments and everything, but those arguments were started for very good reasons. It wasn't just me being a lunatic or an a**hole. There was reasoning behind it.


“There’s a lot more context,” he continues. “I take a lot to get wound up like that. It takes a real lot to do that and bullying is one thing I don't like.”

Despite what viewers saw from his experience on TV, the comedian says he actually enjoyed his time on the show.

“There’s a lot of stuff that we do, obviously the challenges and everything, that takes it away from all the bullying and crap that went on,” he remarks. “The drama is not the show. It sure happened, but I made some great friends out of that show and I got to do things I never would have got to do unless I’d done the show.”

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