The Block's Steph and Gian reveal 'ultimate plan' after winning the show: 'So excited'

EXCLUSIVE: The season 19 stars spill on their exciting post-show plans.

The Block's Steph and Gian Ottavio.
Steph and Gian Ottavio have announced their new renovation plan after winning last year's season of The Block. Photos: Instagram/stephandgian

After renovating an entire house on last year’s season of The Block and educating all of Australia on the ‘Japandi’ style of design, Steph and Gian Ottavio are ready to do it all again. The couple, who walked away from the reality show with a whopping $1.75 million profit, revealed earlier this month that they’re working on a brand new renovation project.

They shared a video on TikTok running from the first home they renovated in Bexley NSW, which they recently sold for $1.825 million, to a new property they plan on transforming in another Sydney suburb.

Speaking exclusively with Yahoo Lifestyle about the project, Steph reveals that she plans on documenting every step of the renovation process on social media.

“We've got this ultimate plan that we can actually take everyone through from the conceptual phase,” she details. “I'm excited to take everyone on that journey of an architect's brain of sort of being like, I've been here, I've experienced this, and this is a direct influence. It will be this whole big journey and I think it's quite relatable to what people go through.”


Steph also shares that she’s looking forward to teaching her followers more about Japandi after introducing the idea to so many people on The Block.

“I'm really excited to deepen the understanding as we believe we’re the spokespeople for Japandi in Australia,” she adds with a laugh. “We want to make people aware that the Japanese and Scandinavian cultures and the ethos behind all of that is why we were so drawn to it.

“It's much more complex than just beige interiors, so I'm excited to bring that to people through this next reno.”

The Block’s Steph and Gian in their Japandi-themed kitchen.
Steph says she's excited to continue educating people on what Japandi is. Photo: Channel Nine

The update comes shortly after Steph responded to fan suggestions that she return to The Block as a judge. While she said it’s lovely that fans think she'd be great in the role, the architect told Yahoo Lifestyle she would never want to take someone else’s job.

“I would love to come back on more of like a consultant level to chat with the contestants and help them achieve what they need to achieve when they get to judging,” she shared.

“I feel like that's where you should start. I don't think it's fair for me to be a judge straight away, I think that I need to earn a few more stripes to then be on a panel of such an esteemed cohort of judges.”


As for whether the couple would ever return as contestants, Gian admitted he’s definitely open to the idea of competing for a second time.

“I reflect back to The Block and that was genuinely the best experience of my life,” Gian told us. “Steph and I had never been in a position where we could both have 110 per cent laser focus on the same goal and work with people that were always trying to bring the best out of us and for that we'll be forever grateful for The Block for giving us that opportunity.

“Nothing is off the table, and it goes beyond just the financial benefit. People say, ‘Oh you won so much money on The Block’, but it’s more than the financial benefit that you get from The Block. It’s what comes with the entire experience.”

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