The Block's Sarah-Jane reveals 'disgusting' habit with Tom: 'Horrific'

Sarah-Jane Calleja's co-host Rachel Carr couldn't believe her confession.

The Block’s Sarah-Jane Calleja has left her followers stunned after she revealed her and her husband Tom’s bizarre at-home habit.

The season 18 star confessed on her podcast I Just Can't with SJ & Rach that she and Tom, who are currently expecting their second child together, use the same toothbrush.

The Block’s Tom and Sarah-Jane Calleja.
The Block’s Sarah-Jane Calleja revealed that she and her husband Tom share a toothbrush. Photo: Instagram/tomandsarahjane

“I share my toothbrush with Tom,” she revealed, leaving her co-host and former Block co-star Rachel Carr in shock.

“This is a lot for people and there’s going to be someone sitting there going, ‘Holy f**k that is horrific, that is so disgusting Sarah-Jane. I can't even, I'm gagging’. And then there's going to be half that is also like, ‘I do it too’, and they might not admit it.”


Sarah-Jane said she’s “not ashamed” to be “a toothbrush sharer” with her husband, but admitted it’s not something she had done with any of her previous partners.

“When we moved in together I would always have two toothbrushes in the shaving cabinet, but Tom didn't care. He would just grab mine all the time,” she detailed. “I gave up years ago.”

'He doesn't share his money'

The reality star went on to explain that while some people might think she wears the pants in her relationship because she’s “quite loud”, Tom has the final say in everything.

“Tom’s the one that’s like, ‘Well if you don’t like it, f**k off’,” she detailed. “He does control our finances, which people find also really strange. He doesn't share his money.”

“Hang on a minute,” Rachel chimed in. “Old mate takes your toothbrush but he won’t share his money?”

“I know, trust me. My mum is still like, ‘But what do you mean?’,” Sarah-Jane replied. “Tom and I have been together for nine years, we're about to have our second child and I've never seen his bank account.

“The money we won from The Block went straight into his bank account, we didn't go 50/50. I guess he just looks after the finances, so I’m just like, ‘Here you go’.”


After Rachel asked about the logistics of their financial situation, Sarah-Jane said she would have to ask Tom to transfer her money if she wanted to make any big purchases.

“It’s not like he says no to me, but it’s just weird having to ask as a 31-year-old mother,” she remarked.

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