The Block's Mitch and Mark make 'huge' return to reality TV: 'Fantastic'

EXCLUSIVE: The couple open up about their exciting new project.

Two years on from winning the seventeenth season of The Block, Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie are returning to TV in a major way.

The couple are set to host Channel 10’s reboot of the reality property programme Location, Location, Location, which premieres on Friday.

The Block winners Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie on Location, Location, Location.
The Block winners Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie are the hosts of Location, Location, Location. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle ahead of the first episode, Mitch and Mark share that they were “taken aback” when they were officially locked in to present the series.

“We're older than people that they’ll usually get to start hosting a show,” Mitch remarks. “And also, they just don't have any gay couples in Australia - I don’t even think around the world - hosting TV shows.”

“There’s a lot of diversity on TV, we see lots of the community represented,” Mark adds. “But we thought about it and went, oh my gosh, as a same-sex couple as the hosts of the show - not just a judge or a contestant or whatever - but as a couple hosting Location, Location, Location, it’s huge. We think it's fantastic.”


Location, Location, Location will see Mitch and Mark help a variety of people, including first-home buyers, empty nesters and interstate relocators, find their dream homes and ultimately change their lives.

“The show is about real estate, but it’s really about joy and transformation,” Mitch explains. “It’s a very happy place and I didn’t think of that going into it, which is nice.”

“I think what we bring is that human element,” Mark, a former psychologist, says. “And I think our take on Location, Location, Location is just adding to the history of the show and taking people on that emotional journey.

“The other thing we bring to this is the wardrobe. For Mitch, pretty much all of it is his wardrobe and probably 80 per cent is his design!”

How The Block helped them on Location, Location, Location

Mitch and Mark share that their two previous experiences as contestants on The Block have helped them have a greater sense of understanding what the buyers are going through on Location, Location, Location.

“We understand what it's like revealing your life on camera and showing yourself and your life to an audience you may never meet,” Mark says. “It's been really nice to be able to be there as part of the coaching team.

“We're going to show the story of people who have found things difficult for whatever reason and they just want to get a home for their family or themselves. And I think being able to help them feel okay about telling that story on camera while we find something that hopefully works for them will help an audience who probably can relate to that too.”

Mitch adds that while he and Mark have done their fair share of reality TV, Location, Location, Location “actually is reality television”.

“There's no putting people in situations where they're going to burst under pressure,” he details. “It’s real conversations and the people who are with us are telling us about themselves and why they haven't done what they wanted to do with property and why they want to be in property and what they want and what their stumbling points are.

“So we're going through it in real-time talking about themselves and we're not in a situation where they're pressurised. It's just normal.”

Location, Location, Location premieres 7:30pm Friday June 30 on 10.

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