The Block's Tanya erupts in furious outburst at Georgia and Ronnie

The Block's Tanya unleashed on fellow contestants Ronnie and Georgia after they accused her of bending the rules.

On Tuesday night last week, the teams were given the task of creating a piece from a shipwreck for their upcoming bedrooms.

The Block's Tanya and Georgia
The Block's Tanya has erupted after an encounter with the rest of the contestants lead by Georgia over a design challenge. Photo: Nine

Tanya and Vito made a "fidget planter" made from the old ship steering unit, which the judges hated. The couple even called it "ugly" but were given hope that they could use it when Shelley Craft said they could "tweak" it.

"I think there’s just this area of ambiguity with regard to what that means, and I think we all need to get on the page," Georgia said after hearing the advice and calling a "super casual not serious meeting".


The meeting quickly descended into chaos, however, with most contestants agreeing with Georgia that you shouldn't be allowed to change more than one part of the challenge items.

"We’ll make ours a bookcase. (We’ll) keep the pallet but get rid of the steering wheel section," Tanya said.

"The whole argument is we all knew we were creating something to go in our rooms from the beginning," Mark added, suggesting they shouldn't need to change much.

Tanya does an impersonation
Tanya performed an angry impersonation of Georgia for the cameras. Photo: Nine

"That’s why I went: boring shelves," Georgia said of her and Ronnie's piece.

The teams then tried to decide what counted as a "tweak" and what counts as a "transformation".

"I couldn’t give a flying toss what anyone does with anything. I really don’t care – change it, transform, whatever you guys want, I don’t care," Josh said, as one of the few people that didn't care.

"What’s the rules?! What are the rules?" Georgia questioned.

Tanya then decided she was out, leaving the meeting, and telling the producer, "He just talks so much rubbish – he’s just a d*ckhead," she said of Ronnie.

Tanya and Vito
Tanya and Vito were very unimpressed by the other teams. Photo: Nine
Shipwreck steering wheel
In the end, the judges actually liked Tanya and Vito's piece almost as it was. Photo: Nine

"Georgia’s the same. She just loves getting up there and..." she said as she launched into a crazed impersonation of Georgia.

"That’s how they play this game, they do whatever they want, there’s no rules," Georgia said in a rant to Ronnie, referencing the huge cheating scandal that took place earlier in the season.

"There’s this entitlement to think that you can do whatever you want. It really blows my mind. This is not real life, this is The Block, we’re in a competition, it’s a reality TV series with rules in place and I’m just perplexed that someone thinks they’re above all of this," Georgia said.

Surprisingly, however, the judges loved the way Tanya and Vito ended up using the piece, which was not a huge change from what they initially presented in the challenge.

Ronnie and Georgia ended up winning the week with their re-do wardrobe and kids's room with Kirsty and Jesse just half a point behind them.

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