The Block's Tanya hits back over 'most annoying contestants' jab

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The Block star Tanya Guccione has responded to some of the backlash she and husband Vito have faced during their time on the show, particularly over their role in the cheating scandal, urging people to think about how they treat reality stars.

The 39-year-old shared a powerful message on Instagram posting a photo of herself with 'Be Kind' written on her chest and hand.

the block tanya be kind post
Tanya shared a powerful post online. Photo: Instagram

"#BeKind that's #MyTruth. Especially when you have no idea what a person may be going through, just be kind!" she wrote.

"Anxiety, and mental health is real, some may think they know who we are based on a TV show, those who know us, know us and that’s what matters.

"Far out... So much to say but that’s all for now!"


Tanya's post comes after producers of The Block labelled her and husband Vito 'the most annoying contestants' in the show's history.

"It is hard to know if they were purposely trying to ruffle feathers or if they simply can't read a room," one insider told the Daily Mail, with another crew member saying the couple was "frustrating" as they'd often "say one thing and then do another".

the block stars tanya and vito
Tanya and Vito copped a lot of backlash from fans over their role in the cheating scandal. Photo: Channel Nine

The pair were embroiled in this season's biggest scandal with Tanya somehow obtaining a photo of the show's production schedule from host Scott Cam's office in the first week, which she shared with twins Josh and Luke, giving them an advantage over other teams.

And they have clashed with the production crew regularly during the show, with Vito telling a camera man and producer to "get out" during Wednesday night's episode.

the block vito
Vito told producers to 'get out' on Wednesday's episode. Photo: Channel Nine

He had just spent half a day under the house insulating the floor of the living and dining room, when site Foreman Keith informed him he would have to pull it all out because the floor hadn't been inspected and signed off yet.

Vito told producers he was "absolutely gutted", but wasn't keen to continue the conversation beyond that.

"Any more questions? You done? Well get out then," he shouted.

In a piece to camera later Vito said he felt the producer was silently saying 'You stuffed up'.

"That’s my truth, that’s my reaction," Vito explained, adding "I didn’t want that to happen. He’s doing his job."

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