The Block's Sarah-Jane praised for relatable moment: 'Struggle is real'

The Block star Sarah-Jane has been praised after she posted a relatable video showing exactly what life is like inside her home.

Posting a video of her messy house, it is a far cry from the luxurious property she and husband Tom renovated on the reality TV series.

Toys are seen strewn all over the floor of the lounge room while washing needing to be folded sat on the dining table. Dirty dishes cluttered the kitchen bench while an empty box a package arrived in sat on the kitchen floor.

"Every morning this is what I wake up to, unless, unless I tidy it the night before I go to bed," she said in the video she posted to Instagram.

"But I just could not be f***ed. Let's get cleaning bitches."

Sarah-Jane speaking to the camera (left) and her messy house (right).
The Block's Sarah-Jane has shared a realistic look into her daily life. Source: Instagram/@tomandsarahjane

She then shares a time lapse video of her cleaning up the toys and kitchen, folding the washing and vacuuming the floor, completely transforming her house.

"This is what life with an almost two-year-old looks like," she captioned the post.

"And honestly this is as clean as the house gets as we don’t have much storage in our home or a separate living/play room for Cleo’s stuff.

"Kudos to all the parents who do this every night and every morning ... I feel your pain. Now to relax and enjoy the silence and tidiness until Cleo…..and Tom get home."

Fans praised the star for sharing the relatable moment, with Block co-star Jenny dubbing her "super woman".


"Normal… My house looked like that for years with two kids under two. Don’t sweat it," one commented.

"Family life (cleaning) is never-ending but just do it when you can," another said.

"That’s also my life - with a 15, 12 and 10-year-old," a third shared.

"I have four kids and our youngest is almost two as well. I feel your pain, the struggle is real," a fan added.

Sarah-Jane and Tom have been giving their fans a glimpse into their lives since The Block wrapped up, sharing an intimate look at their caravan earlier this month.

The pair walked away from this year’s season with a measly $20,000 profit, and hope to further ‘spruce up’ their modest dwelling when they have some more ‘spare cash’.

The reality TV stars have decorated the interior with Kmart items, and Sarah-Jane shared some before and after snaps of their renovation work.

“Some simple and cheap changes made quite the difference from carpet squares Tom laid to Lino timber look flooring…he also laid. Curtains I made somewhat effectively, and a new tap to subway tiles in the kitchen and fake marble Lino bench tops,” she wrote in the caption.

The star added that the pair had paid just $12,000 for the ‘old van’, deciding to forgo a trip to Europe to spend time fixing it up instead. Tom has been busy working on their project, building a roof, deck and adding a bathroom at Sarah-Jane's request.

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