The Block fans call out 'ugly' item accidentally purchased by two teams

Leah and Eliza both spent $3500 on the exact same piece.

The Block competitors Leah and Eliza were shocked during Wednesday night’s episode when they found out they had both purchased the exact same artwork for their working-from-home space.

The artwork, which is valued at $3500, depicts a glamorous white mansion surrounded by palm trees and people walking around a large pool.

The Block’s Leah and Eliza's design boards featuring the exact same artwork.
The Block’s Leah and Eliza discovered they had both purchased the same $3500 artwork for their rooms. Photo: Channel Nine

The pair made the surprising discovery when they were discussing design ideas during a coincidental run-in shopping for lights.


“We’re chatting, we’re bouncing ideas off each other,” Leah recalled in her piece-to-camera interview. “She shows me her mood board for this week and I was like, ‘That art, have you got that art?’.

“She’s like, ‘Yes, that’s our feature’. I pick up my mood board for this week, I was like, ‘I have that too’… She and I were just devastated.”

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Leah later called Eliza’s sister Liberty to complain about the unfortunate coincidence, saying it’s “not fair”.

“It’s what you guys have been looking forward to this week and what I’ve been,” she added. “And I’m choosing lights to go either side of my artwork.”

“I know, literally we’re doing exactly the same thing, it’s so f**ked,” Liberty said.

The Block’s Leah and Eliza.
Leah and Eliza were both ‘devastated’ by the coincidence. Photos: Channel Nine

'Ugly artwork'

Viewers took to social media throughout the episode to share their thoughts on the incident, with a majority of people questioning why they both paid so much money for the artwork in the first place.

“Who the hell is paying $3500 for that s**tty artwork? Is there only like three to choose from on The Block shop? Come on!” one person tweeted.


“What are the odds two people could pick ugly artwork?” another added, while a third said, “The girls should change the artwork - it’s not even nice”.

“Why wouldn’t the art supplier tell them someone else has the same thing?” a different user pointed out.

“Bound to happen when you have five teams all shopping at the exact same stores weekly,” someone else replied.

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