The Block fans baffled by 'ridiculous' challenge amid renovation disaster

With just a few days left until room reveals, the teams were tasked with building sand sculptures.

The Block viewers were left confused during Tuesday night’s episode when the contestants had to pause their renovations to participate in a sand sculpture challenge.

Despite the fact that the teams were busy dealing with water damage from the rain, cracks in their walls, and the news that they had to restump their whole house, hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft told them to dress in 1950s swimwear and travel to Brighton Baths.

The Block's Leslie and Kyle / an octopus sand sculpture.
The Block teams took a break from renovating this week and participated in a sand sculpture challenge. Photos: Channel Nine

While the challenge was ultimately beneficial for winners Leah and Ash, who walked away with $5000 and an extra point during room reveals, fans took to social media throughout the episode to question the need for it.

“So they give these contestants these crappy old falling down houses, and they throw in a dumb three-hour (after a dip in the freezing ocean) challenge? Yes, that seems like something we all tune in for,” one person wrote.


“Short week, have to re-do a whole floor, let’s go for a trip to the beach and make sandcastles!” another added, while someone else labelled the challenge “ridiculous”.

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“Can we get back to the house renos now? I hate these bulls**t challenges,” a fourth replied, followed by a different user who tweeted, “These lame challenges are an instant channel-changer”.

“Next is cooking challenge. Then making cushion covers followed by re-decorating old terracotta pots,” one fan joked.

“Too bad they can't build houses like they can sand sculptures,” another remarked.

The Block's Leah and Ash posing with a gnome sand sculpture.
Leah and Ash won the challenge and walked away with $5000 and an extra point during room reveals. Photo: Channel Nine

However, others seemed to enjoy the beachside challenge and the fact that it brought some positivity to the show after weeks of “toxic” drama between cast members.

“I’m quite enjoying the challenge for once,” one fan shared, with someone else writing, “I caught myself having a smile watching the challenge”.


“I would LOVE this paddle board/sand sculpture challenge,” another replied.

“Don't like Leah and Ash but they did a great job on that seahorse,” a different user said.

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