The Block's Eliza and Liberty reveal surprising truth about show's 'mean girls'

The sisters have spilled on the drama that's still to come this season.

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have revealed that the drama depicted on this year’s season of the renovation reality show is “spot on” to what they witnessed during filming.

During an appearance on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Tuesday morning, the sisters spoke candidly about the divide amongst the cast after viewers labelled the behaviour of certain contestants as “toxic”.

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty.
The Block’s Eliza and Liberty tease that there’s plenty of drama still to come this season. Photo: Channel Nine

“Look, I think that what you are seeing is exactly what played out,” Eliza revealed. “It’s unfortunate that there’s a bit of a tone of bullying, and I’m sorry to say that that does not disappear anytime soon.”

However, Eliza said she asks viewers to be patient because the problematic behaviours will soon be called out.

“Karma’s a b***h and things happen as they should,” she added.


When asked if they ever felt bullied by other contestants during filming, Liberty shared that “there were certainly things said about us that were untrue”.

“And if anyone questions our integrity, that is the biggest offence to both of us because we work really hard and we have really good morals, so that caused a stir with us,” she remarked.

“So it got to a point where we just can’t take it much longer and it comes to a head.”

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'Mean girls'

Elsewhere in the interview, Eliza pointed out that there’s currently “a little bit of a clique” between Kristy and Leah, who have been accused by fans of bullying fellow contestant Steph.

“People have labelled [them] ‘mean girls’, and that’s pretty spot on,” Eliza said.

“Lib made me stay out of it. I wanted to jump in a lot but she was like, ‘Come on Eliza, you get too involved in things, you’ve got to wait until it affects you directly’, and it gets to a point where it does.”

The Block’s Kristy and Leah hugging.
Viewers have labelled Kristy and Leah as ‘mean girls’, which Eliza says is ‘pretty spot on’. Photo: Channel Nine

Leah speaks out following backlash

This comes after Leah spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her controversial ‘edit’ and said she’s found it “disappointing” watching the show on TV.

“It's not how I am as a person in my everyday life,” she shared. “I am a straight shooter, that’s what we are, but we are not nasty. We don't ever try and gang up on anybody.


“It's just not who we are and it's just unfortunate that The Block is first and foremost a competitive environment. The way that you act and say things is not how you are in normal life, so it’s a shame that the audience isn't getting an accurate view of me.

“But hey, the other thing is I am quite loud and confident and that is polarising for our society at the moment. ‘Women should be little wallflowers’, and I’m not one of them.”

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