The Block fans recognise Eliza from viral Hamish and Andy video

Eliza was Hamish and Andy's assistant for 10 years before appearing on reality TV.

She’s quickly become a fan favourite contestant on this year’s season of The Block, but it turns out the renovation reality show isn’t Eliza Paschke's first foray in the spotlight.

The 37-year-old worked as Hamish Blake and Andy Lee's assistant for 10 years and appeared in the duo’s viral ‘Jurassic Carpark’ video.

The Block’s Eliza with Andy Lee.
The Block’s Eliza appeared in Hamish and Andy’s viral ‘Jurassic Carpark’ prank. Photo: Hamish & Andy

The clip, which has amassed a whopping 16 million views since it was posted in 2016, recently resurfaced on Reddit thanks to an eagle-eyed fan.

“I knew I’d seen Eliza somewhere before!” they wrote. “For those fans of Hamish and Andy, she’s in the infamous Jurassic Carpark prank!”


The video shows Hamish and Andy luring some of their co-workers to the car park of their South Melbourne radio station where they are confronted by “the most expensive and most realistic dinosaur on the planet”.

Eliza was the first ‘victim’ Andy called to meet him in the car park and squealed when she walked out of the elevator and came face to face with the terrifying reptile.

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee / The Block’s Eliza being scared by a dinosaur.
Hamish and Andy scared Eliza with ‘the most expensive and most realistic dinosaur on the planet’. Photo: Hamish & Andy

“It’s so real!” she said after running back into the lift. “Oh my god, it’s so scary!”

The dinosaur continued to growl at Eliza from behind the glass as she held onto Andy’s arm with one hand and placed her other hand on her heart.

“It’s okay, Eliza,” Hamish assured her.

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Will Hamish and Andy appear on The Block?

Andy recently spoke about Eliza during an interview on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie earlier this month, telling the radio hosts that Hamish and his wife Zoë Foster Blake will be bidding on her house.

“I've been enjoying spreading the rumour that Hamish and Zoë are going to buy her place,” he said.

“So if you're listening or if you want to give this to the Daily Mail, ‘a close friend of Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster [Blake] confirms very strong interest in house five on The Block’.”


However, Eliza later addressed the rumours on The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick and labelled Andy’s comments as “absolute garbage”.

“He hasn’t even looked at [our house], but they’re very supportive,” she said, adding that Hamish and Zoë would never consider purchasing her Melbourne home because they are Sydney-based.

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