The Block's Eliza and Liberty spill on major cast divide during rogue interview

'The whole thing’s triggering to watch back.'

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty have shared surprising details about the divide among this year’s contestants, revealing that the cast group chat has been silent since the show started airing.

Speaking on KIIS 101.1's Jase & Lauren on Friday, the sisters revealed that things are currently so tense between the teams that they predict “no one will be speaking to each other” by the time they film the auctions.

The Block season 19 cast photo.
The Block’s Eliza and Liberty predict ‘no one will be speaking to each other’ by the time they film the auctions. Photo: Channel Nine

“You’ll already sense sort of an undertone, for those watching, of a mean girls culture between a couple of people, and that unfortunately intensifies to a point where it comes to a head,” Eliza shared.

“We’re amicable with everyone, but there are so many shattered relationships. I think the real struggle is that Leah and Kristy from Houses 2 and 3, they just formed this clique and it was mean. So the rest of us are wounded.”

Liberty added that all five teams were part of a WhatsApp group chat during filming, but “not a single message has been sent” since The Block premiered earlier this month.


When asked about their personal relationships with the other contestants, the pair said they “love” Steph and have their “ups and downs” with Leah and Ash.

“The whole thing’s triggering to watch back,” Eliza remarked.

The Block’s Eliza and Liberty.
Eliza and Liberty said they are ‘amicable with everyone, but there are so many shattered relationships’. Photo: Channel Nine

'He was so mean and harsh'

Elsewhere in the interview, Eliza and Liberty seemingly went rogue and began bad-mouthing The Block judge and real estate mogul Marty Fox.

The sisters, who have consistently been criticised by Marty throughout this season, described him as a “lovely man” who is also “a bit w**ky”.

“It’s the real estate bravado,” Eliza said. “He’s very polished and he loves a little Gucci loafer without socks.

“He is really fun in real life but on the show, we did not like him or appreciate anything he had to say, if I’m going to be honest, because he was so mean and harsh and had no constructiveness for us.”


Marty has temporarily stepped in this season to fill in for long-time judge Neale Whitaker, who announced last month that he will be cutting back on his appearances to help his partner David through ill health.

“My partner of 20 years, David, experienced some serious health issues earlier this year and my priority has been to spend more time at home,” Neale wrote on Instagram. “But I’m happy to announce that real estate guru Marty Fox has been able to bring his expertise to The Block and join Shaynna [Blaze] and Darren [Palmer] on the weeks when I couldn’t be there.

“The best news of all is that David is making a great recovery, and I’m looking forward to returning to The Block full-time for the show’s 20th anniversary season in 2024.”

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