The Bachelor's Matty J and Laura exchange X-rated wedding vows

The Bachelor's golden couple Matty 'J' Johnson and Laura Byrne have finally tied the knot three and a half years after announcing their engagement.

Exchanging their vows at Cupitt's Estate near Mollymook on NSW's south coast on Friday, Matty J described his perfect woman, saying: "I also wanted her to have a great rack and earn more money than me."

The Daily Mail reports Matty J joked about his time meeting Laura on The Bachelor in 2017, saying he had to "work his way through 24 other women" before getting to his perfect partner.

Matty J and Laura pose for a photo while attending a wedding.
Matty J and Laura were engaged for more than three years before tying the knot. Source: Instagram

Laura's vows were just as cheeky, with the publication sharing her promises to her new husband.

"I promise to always put our family and you first, to ask how your day was, and to always care about the answer," she said.

"I promise to fill our house with laughter and fun and silliness and happiness, and I promise to tell you that I love you daily and show you. I promise to always give you a kiss goodnight and a bit extra if I'm not too tired, you know, to keep the spark alive!"

Laura wore a stunning gown from KYHA Studio with a sheer tulle bodice and strap that hung elegantly off her shoulder.

Couple's sweet nod to The Bachelor at wedding

As they proceeded up the aisle after being announced husband and wife, the pair were showered in white rose petals thrown by guests.

Ahead of the wedding, Matty J told Yahoo Lifestyle the ceremony would include a sweet nod to The Bachelor, the reality show on which they met.


“We will have roses, but they won’t be red,” he said.

“The biggest question for us was, how do we get Laura to the venue? We weren’t too fussed on getting a really fancy vintage car or anything like that. And then where we're getting married, you couldn't get a fleet of cars either. There was a lack of options when it came to vehicles.”

He continued: “So then I was like, look, there’s going to be you plus the kids plus your bridal party plus your mum and dad. Just a limo, like a Chrysler stretch limo, seems like the obvious choice. It means everyone's together, you can do it in one trip, and there was one available.

“So it’s like the same type of limo that you'd see on The Bachelor where our love story began. It's that same vehicle that will drop Laura off along with her bridal party at the venue.”


Matty J, who asserted that he and Laura are definitely not “limo people”, added that the moment would be very “full circle” for them both.

“Laura was saying it's going to be really nostalgic being in that limo with all the other girls waiting to step out onto the red carpet, or in this case the white carpet, for the ceremony,” he said.

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