Matty J reveals sweet nod to The Bachelor at upcoming wedding

Three and a half years after announcing their engagement, Matty Johnson and Laura Byrne are finally set to tie the knot this month.

The couple, who fell in love on the fifth season of The Bachelor and share two daughters together, were forced to postpone their nuptials a number of times amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Matty J and Laura Byrne.
Matty Johnson has opened up about his and Laura Byrne’s upcoming wedding. Photo: Instagram/ matthewdavidjohnson

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle about the upcoming event, Matty revealed that the wedding will feature “a little nod” to how their relationship began on reality TV.

“We will have roses, but they won’t be red,” he said, adding that host Osher Günsberg will not be in attendance.

“The biggest question for us was, how do we get Laura to the venue? We weren’t too fussed on getting a really fancy vintage car or anything like that. And then where we're getting married, you couldn't get a fleet of cars either. There was a lack of options when it came to vehicles.”


He continued: “So then I was like, look, there’s going to be you plus the kids plus your bridal party plus your mum and dad. Just a limo, like a Chrysler stretch limo, seems like the obvious choice. It means everyone's together, you can do it in one trip, and there was one available.

“So it’s like the same type of limo that you'd see on The Bachelor where our love story began. It's that same vehicle that will drop Laura off along with her bridal party at the venue.”

Matty J and Laura Byrne on The Bachelor.
Matty said the wedding ceremony will be a ‘full circle’ moment for himself and Laura. Photo: Channel Ten

‘Full circle’

Matty, who asserted that he and Laura are definitely not “limo people”, added that the moment is very “full circle” for them both.

“Laura was saying it's going to be really nostalgic being in that limo with all the other girls waiting to step out onto the red carpet, or in this case the white carpet, for the ceremony,” he said.

“This time she's bringing a gift. Obviously, the rings have been made by Laura, she’s made her own wedding band and mine as well.

“We've also made special arrangements with the venue to make sure that there's only going to be one type of toilet paper on the property, which is the Fun Fibre Flusher,” he joked, referring to the toilet paper he designed in collaboration with Kellogg’s.

‘It’s been really hard’

Matty also shared that he had put himself in charge of planning the wedding because of his background in event management, however, he’s beginning to feel the pressure.

“I do feel a bit stressed at the moment,” he admitted. “It's probably been the hardest event that I've ever had to pull together, and I've had some really tricky clients in the past. It’s been really hard.

“It's also one of those tricky ones where we've had so much time because we've been engaged for almost four years, the wedding was originally meant to be last year but got pushed back, and I think that's been like a false sense of, I guess like, how much time we've had. It just felt like it was never going to happen.

“Now that we're weeks away, I’m still scrambling. We’re yet to write our vows and haven't got flowers organised just yet, but that's on my to-do list. It's a very last-minute sprint to the finish line.”

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