The one 'rule' the Bachelor's Laura Byrne and Matty J live by

Regular listeners of Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley's Life Uncut podcast would likely assume they know the former Bachelor stars very well, with the hosts seemingly sharing a lot about their personal lives on the podcast.

However, during a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle to celebrate the release of their book We Love Love last week, Laura and Brittany shared how we only know the parts of them that they want us to know.

The Bachelor's Laura Byrne and Matty J
The Bachelor's Laura Byrne reveals the one 'rule' she and Matty J live by when it comes to sharing about their personal lives. Photo: Instagram/Laura Byrne

When asked how she and fiancé Matty J decide what they will and won't share, Laura told us, "We do and we don't [share a lot] though, I mean, what, we'll talk about how we're tired, we have two kids and don't get to have sex a lot, like who cares?"

"Like how much sex you don't have," Brittany added with a laugh.


"That's like every mum and dad who has two toddlers, you know what I mean?" Laura added. "So I think a lot of people are like, 'Oh my god, they share so much, they're so exposing!' But we also don't, we just talk about the really relatable stuff that other parents would experience – other people who are in long-term relationships and have two babies and navigating that in a relationship."

She continued, "We have a bit of a rule in our house, and it's if it's to get a laugh or if it's to help someone get through something, win, draw or lose, shoot your shot.

Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne
Laura celebrating her hens weekend with her Life Uncut co-host Brittany Hockley. Photo: Instagram/Brittany Hockley

"We know where each other's boundaries lie in terms of what is too private to share, but if it's a story that's super funny and we know ultimately everyone's going to be laughing once they hear it, we're like, whatever, just go for it and then we'll see what happens," the mum-of-two added with a laugh.

Brittany continued, saying, "We also know how much we don't share and people don't know that because we don't tell them, but there is so much that goes on between us, between them, between me personally, like there's so much that we haven't and will never and won't share, and we know that and that's what matters"

Laura added that the last time she was asked about oversharing in an interview, the headline became about a "crazy sex act" that "never happened" and that she never even mentioned during the chat.

"So I actually think that people have this really warped perception about what we speak about in the podcast because of what the media writes, not actually what we speak about," she said.

"So yeah, it's a weird world to be part of, but, you know, you take the highs and the lows."

Laura reveals 'meltdown' ahead of wedding

Laura Byrne and Matty J
The Bachelor's Laura Byrne has revealed her 'meltdown' ahead of her wedding to Matty J due to many unforeseen dramas. Photo: Instagram/Laura Byrne

Laura also shared with us that there'd been a few bumps in the road during the planning of her wedding to Matty J in the coming weeks.

When we asked how Laura was feeling in the lead-up to the wedding, she looked stressed as Brittany laughed and told us, "So, we've had a few problems."

"The wedding is like, very soon, like very soon. Some of the stuff we thought was booked in, isn't booked in, so we've spent the last couple of weeks organising things like the flowers, which are critically important, and chairs for people to sit on and buses to transport guests to the location."

"So, things are – I mean, we're going to get married, is it gonna be good? Who knows! Who knows how the wedding's going to turn out, we don't really care, so long as it's with the people we love, and it's a great party, and everyone's fed and everyone has a wine, then that's what's most important.

"And Matt shows up! He doesn't leave me at the altar, all important things!"

"Laura was having a bit of a freakout meltdown about it in my bedroom, that it's very soon and nothing's happening," Brittany added, saying her sister Sheri is also getting married and jumped in to help Laura with recommendations.

"We're like, 'We're going to do this, don't have a breakdown, you're going to get married! We will sit down at some stage,'" she jokingly added.

Laura continued, "It's also amazing what you can pull together in a short period of time. It's just very expensive!"

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