Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson chooses Holly Kingston in emotional finale

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Jimmy Nicholson’s journey to find love has officially come to an end, with the 31-year-old pilot declaring his love for Holly Kingston in Thursday night’s emotional finale of The Bachelor.

Standing hand-in-hand amongst the towering cliffs of Simpsons Gap in Alice Springs, Jimmy told Holly, 27, his true feelings towards her.

Jimmy and Holly.
Holly Kingston won Jimmy’s heart in the Bachelor finale. Photo: Channel Ten

“I want you to know that I am in love with you, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for both of us,” he professed.

Holly, who was the betting agencies’ favourite since the show premiered back in July, was lost for words when she realised she was the final woman.

“I love you,” she replied before they kissed. “I'm so happy.”


Jimmy presented his chosen lady with a custom-made light-champagne diamond commitment ring by Larsen Jewellery.

The elegant ring features a striking 2.01ct oval centre diamond, layered with 10 round diamonds in the hidden halo.

Jimmy was reportedly ‘passionately involved’ in designing the ring, with a key focus on sustainability and making sure it reflecting Holly’s ‘inherent stylishness’.

Bachelor Jimmy's ring for Holly.
Jimmy wanted to make sure his ring to Holly represented their ‘unique love journey’. Photo: Supplied

Brooke's heartbreak

While Jimmy and Holly’s love story wrapped up on the show with a fairytale ending, unfortunately, runner-up Brooke Cleal was left heartbroken.

The 27-year-old was clearly blindsided when Jimmy revealed his decision.

“You are perfect in every way and I would never want to change you,” he began, “but we are two different people and it breaks my heart but I have to say goodbye”.

“Why did you do it here? Why here in Alice Springs?” Brooke asked through tears.

“Maybe you’re not for me then, because I need someone to take risks with me,” she later conceded.

Brooke Cleal was left heartbroken. Photo: Channel Ten
Brooke Cleal was left heartbroken. Photo: Channel Ten

Final dates

The epic finale took place in the Northern Territory, with Jimmy taking both of his final ladies on very impressive dates.

Holly was taken on a private charter flight across the desert plains, while Brooke went sunrise hot air ballooning over the West MacDonnell Ranges.

The two finalists also sat down with Jimmy’s dad Noel, as well as his mum Susan, sister Tahnee and cousin Lisa, who had made appearances earlier on in the season.

While Noel confessed that Brooke was his favourite, Susan admitted that she had a preference for Holly and said they looked like they were “made for each”.

Bachelor Jimmy with his family during the finale.
Both Brooke and Holly sat down with Jimmy’s parents, Noel and Susan, as well as his cousin Lisa and sister Tahnee. Photo: Channel Ten

Jimmy and Holly’s love story

Jimmy and Holly had a clear connection when she first appeared on the red carpet wearing a fluorescent yellow gown and had set up a wine bar for the two of them to enjoy.

“Having this little sit down with Holly over a glass of wine, I'm just feeling really relaxed. It's flirty, it's fun, this feels like a real first date,” Jimmy remarked.

“It feels like talking to an old friend. An old friend that's really attractive.”

After episode one, Sportsbet tipped her odds to win at $1.50, followed by Lily Price at $7 and Brooke Cleal at $10.

Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson.
Holly was the betting agencies’ favourite to win the show early on. Photo: Channel Ten

While Holly was briefly caught up in drama with fellow contestant Stephanie Lynch after receiving the third single date - which continued during the intense dinner party with Jimmy’s sister and cousin - the rest of her journey on the show was relatively smooth sailing.

Their successful and drama-free hometown date seemingly cemented their strong romance, where they both struggled to say 'one last goodbye' at the end of the night.

With The Bachelor wrapped up, viewers can look forward to The Bachelorette kicking off later this year starring Brooke Blurton - who will make history as the first-ever pansexual Bachelorette and the series’ first Indigenous lead.

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