Taylor Swift's new romance could be a ruse: 'PR masterclass'

There's a brewing conspiracy theory about Taylor Swift's romance with Travis Kelce and it's all to do with her private jet usage.

Taylor Swift. Photo: Supplied
Taylor Swift. Photo: Supplied

The chokehold Taylor Swift has on popular culture is next-level: from her incredible sold-out Eras tour, to the obsession over her love life, to her cluey PR moves, like supporting Sophie Turner amid the Joe Jonas divorce, Taylor is never far from the headlines.

So when she debuted her rumoured romance with NFL star Travis Kelce, Swifties went into overdrive. They were happy for her to find love after an alleged fling with 1975 frontman Matty Healy, as well as her breakup with long-term partner Joe Alwyn.

But while the new Taylor and Travis coupling has dominated headlines, a theory surrounding the romance is growing online: and some people are thinking the whole thing could be a clever marketing move from Team Swift.

But why?

Let's delve into it.

Taylor Swift cheers on Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift cheers on Travis Kelce. Photo: Getty

The conspiracy theory around Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

The theory is that Taylor and her camp are trying to deflect media attention from one specific detail that could paint her in a negative light: her excessive private jet usage.

Taylor is reportedly one of the worst offenders of adding greenhouse gas admissions because of her usage of private jets. A survey last year found that Taylor's plane had taken 170 flights between the start of January to the end of July, with the total flight emissions for 2022 calculated at 8,293.54 tonnes – 1,184.8 times more than the average person’s total annual emissions.

Taylor Swift with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman
Taylor Swift with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman at the Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets game. Photo: Getty


A spokesperson for Taylor then came out saying the claims were 'blatantly incorrect', telling The Guardian: "Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals" before declining to comment further.

Now, with that out of the way here's the conspiracy theory.

Travis Kelce is a NFL player who regularly plays against a team named the New York Jets. The theory basically is, if Taylor is dating a NFL star, then Google searches will start being flooded with 'Taylor Swift, Jets' and the articles calling out her private jet usage will be pushed down the search list, therefore having the focus shifted entirely.

Does this work?

Well, not really.

If you Google 'Taylor Swift jets' now, you'll most likely see the above conspiracy come up. And if you search down the main page, her jet usage is still at the forefront of the news. A reminder too that Travis himself plays for a team called the Kansas City Chiefs, so he's not actually playing for the New York Jets.

The Google results for 'Taylor Swift' jets. Photo: Google
The Google results for 'Taylor Swift' jets. Photo: Google

Maybe there's truth to the wild theory, maybe there's not, but the only conclusion really is: that it's Taylor Swift's world and we're just living in it.

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