Taylor Swift fans divided over Australian tour announcement: 'Insane'

The singer announced extra tour dates for her Australian Eras tour.

Taylor Swift fans have been left divided over the singer's announcement of more shows for the Australian leg of her Eras tour.

The 33-year-old added an extra show to her Melbourne schedule, giving her three nights from February 16 to 18 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and an extra show at Sydney's Accor Stadium, with four shows total from February 23 to the 26.

Taylor Swift holds guitar
Taylor Swift fans have been left divided over the announcement of more shows being added to her Australian tour. Photo: Getty

While it means more fans will have a chance to nab tickets, some fans have been left worried for Taylor's health, as her tour will have the singer working to a hectic schedule.

Reddit users debated over whether or not they believe Taylor is taking enough time to rest during her hectic schedule.

"She’s really pushing herself in Tokyo, Australia, and Singapore with 17 dates in 31 day including a run of 10 dates in 16 days," one user wrote.

"I really hope Taylor takes care of herself, 17 of 31 is too much. She’s a trooper," another added.


"[For what it's worth] she hasn't toured in years, so she definitely prepared herself for it," a third said.

"I mean…yeah [taking] a break for touring definitely helps a person prepare and the resting is good but like just doing THIS MUCH after she’d been on the Eras tour for a long time by this point is insane," another responded.

Others pointed out, however, that Taylor would also be going through rehearsals and prep for each show.

"She's probably seen what her body can handle with her current run, and if she feels good after 3 nights why not add a 4th and 5th. I'm more concerned about her dancers who are full out every night for much longer than a Broadway show," one Redditor said, leaving another to question whether she'll shorten the length of the shows.

Others claimed that this would never work due to the countless videos of the show being uploaded on social media, which would make Aussie fans feels "short changed".

Ticketek's tips to getting Taylor Swift tickets

Taylor Swift holds pink guitar
Ticketek has revealed how to get tickets on Friday. Photo: Getty

A Ticketek spokesperson shared their best tips for getting tickets during Friday's general sale.

"We only allow genuine fans into the lounge for fair access. The security and the protections that we have in place will not let bots into the lounge," they told us. "The randomisation starts once the on-sale commences, so there is no advantage for fans to jump on hours before. We recommend that fans log on 15 minutes earlier just so they are ready once the on-sale kicks off.

"Once in the lounge and the on-sale has started, the system continuously checks whether there is an available spot for fans to be let in to purchase tickets to the event. Refreshing your browser does not increase your chances of getting tickets."

They added, "Ticketek’s technology is cloud based and built on Amazon Web Services, using industry leading technology."

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