Taylor Swift fans fuming as thousands miss out on tickets: 'Kicked out'

Over 800,000 fans attempted to get tickets at the same time.

Taylor Swift fans broke a national record on Wednesday morning, with 800,000 users waiting in the queue for pre-sale tickets to Sydney's stadium shows next February.

It comes after a limited American Express pre-sale became available to cardholders on Monday, causing chaos as fans crashed the ticketing site.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift fans have been left fuming as thousands missed out on tickets to her Eras tour during Wednesday's pre-sale. Photo: Getty

Fans were also left confused by a message from Ticketek that created chaos for people trying to secure tickets.

A post shared to Ticketek’s Facebook page earlier this week suggested that fans login to their account before the sale goes live.


However, as fans started to queue up in the waiting lounge in the final hour before the sale, they grew concerned when they couldn’t find any tickets.

“I thought the tips given by Frontier Touring was to log into Ticketek account prior to accessing the link???” one fan tweeted. “This is way too confusing.”

Another fan responded to a Ticketek tweet asking if they are still meant to login before the presale starts.

“There is no login page now it directly goes to the queue,” they said.

Fans were left in the queue for hours, with one user writing, "BEEN IN THE QUEUE FOR AN 2 HOURS."

"IM STILL IN THE QUEUE IM GOING TO PASS AWAY," another added after being in the queue for hours.

"We are crying, throwing up and unable to get tickets," a third said.

Just before 2pm Ticketek Australia announced all general pre-sale tickets for Sydney were sold out, with more tickets available on Friday.

Melbourne fans were no different, with many waiting before the pre-sale started.

"Pls work i have been here for 5 hours my back is breaking my spirit is dying," one user said.

"Was in Sydney queue for 5+ [hours] and now I’m trying for Melb and I’m still stuck," another said.

"Just announce the additional shows!" a third said. "This is insane."

"But Sydney people are still in the queue over there so I reckon they will be trying for Melbourne now," someone else said.

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