'Hideous' wedding dress fail sparks online shopping regret

A bride-to-be has been left scrambling after ordering a wedding dress online that she was definitely not going to wear for the big day.

The woman ended up putting the $200 gown up for sale for half the price on Facebook with her friend sharing a post about the hilarious fail.

wedding dress fail
People loved the back but the 'boobie pads' were slammed. Photo: Facebook

“She bought this wedding dress online, and it’s not exactly what she wanted,” the friend wrote, pointing out the “boobie pads”.


The post quickly went viral with one person calling the dress a “hot mess”, particularly given the back of the gown looks very nice.

“I saw the back and thought well that’s not too terrible. Then I saw the front and realised it was a hot mess,” one person wrote.

“I was all for the back and then the front came along. Oh Lord,” another agreed.

Another simply called it ‘hideous’.

“I love when people sell this stuff. ‘Wasn’t exactly what she wanted’ - AKA ‘It was hideous and scratchy and she totally regrets ordering it online.’”

It comes after an eye-popping bridesmaid dress also turned heads online recently.

The DANIELLA Cupped Split Maxi Dress will set the prospective bridesmaid back a cool $199, but a social media post from the brand erupted in ridicule online.

“This is not a bridesmaid kinda dress!” one lady wrote. “I’ll be embarrassed for my girls if one even suggested for them to wear this! nope nope nope!”

“Couldn't care less if it's 2020...” one person responded. “It's not appropriate in the main photo used as a bridesmaids dress.”

“The guests may never recover,” another woman worried.

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