'Entitled rubbish': Bride 'genuinely baffled' by RSVP response

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A bride-to-be has posted the wedding RSVP she received from a guest that included a detail she did not expect.

Taking to a popular budget wedding Facebook group the woman said she was left “genuinely baffled” by the response she got and wasn’t sure what to do.

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A bride was left shocked by the rsvp. Photo: Getty

“Has anyone received an RSVP like this before?? I’m genuinely baffled,” she wrote, sharing an image of the RSVP in which the guest had seemingly allocated herself a ‘plus one’.

“Especially as with Covid we have had to significantly cut our numbers down! I’ve said no to nearest and dearest yet this is thrown into the works? Not even privately contacted ref who the plus one would be???”

The bride then added in an edit that the guest’s husband is unable to attend so they are requesting to reallocate the spot to invite “someone else of her choosing”.

rsvp wedding post
She shared the photo online. Photo: Facebook

The post quickly gained plenty of comments from people who thought the RSVP was “rude” and “odd”.

“Why would anyone think a couple would want a random + 1 at their wedding, very odd,” one person commented.


“Nothing baffling or touchy about it. It’s just plain rude,” another said. “If your name isn’t on the invitation or if it does not state on the invitation that you have a plus 1, then you ain’t invited to the wedding.”

Others however defended the guest saying it warranted a simple conversation as she had included a question mark.

“I don't think it is rude as such, maybe more a misunderstanding,” one person said.

“If herself and hubby were invited maybe she doesn't realise it would be an issue as two were invited and to her two are attending.”

“It’s just a question, yes she could have asked via phone or text but she has put a question mark to check it’s ok. She hasn’t just written plus 1 and assumed, she’s actually just asking,” another wrote, with plenty agreeing a phone call or message would have been better.

“How about she pick up the phone and contact the bride directly and ask her?” was one comment. “Nor should the Bride now have to phone her to set her straight. Brides have enough on their plates without dealing with this entitled rubbish.”

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