Sunrise's Matt Shirvington and Natalie Barr to make Home and Away debut

And we know what the storyline is now going to be...

Matt Shirvington and Natalie Barr
Matt Shirvington and Nat Barr are set to appear on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

Sunrise and Summer Bay are crossing over, with Sunrise hosts Matt Shirvington and Natalie Barr set to make their Home and Away debut this week, on Wednesday night's episode on Channel Seven.

The crossover episode will follow the storyline of 'Hollywood' actress Stevie Marlow who has caused intrigue in the Bay ever since her arrival into town as she tried to escape from a stalker. Stevie hired ex-cop Cash to fill in as her personal bodyguard after fearing for her safety, and then selected Summer Bay as the perfect place for the new romcom she was filming, creating a media circus in the Bay.

Catherine Văn-Davies as Stevie Marlow on Home and Away. Photo: Seven
Catherine Văn-Davies as Stevie Marlow on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

On the first day of the romcom's production, Stevie is gearing up for a live Sunrise crossover from the set, with Summer Bay icon Alf Stewart set to step up and escort Stevie to the set to be interviewed by Shirvo IRL, before crossing back 'live' to Nat in the studio.


Last year, Yahoo Lifestyle reported the news that Shirvo was temporarily landing in the Bay, and while we speculated his role could be anything — helping Alf save the surf club when it inevitably comes under threat again, Sunrise popping up with the cash cow on Palm Beach, the Bay holding their own version of the Olympics except the stakes involve trying to escape kidnapping from a cult, dodging the Summer Bay stalker, or getting through a day without getting involved in a car crash — it sounds like the cameo will be a little less dramatic than what we hoped.

Shirvo initially spoke to about his appearance, calling the experience 'surreal'.

“As a kid who grew up watching Home and Away, it was all a bit surreal to be in Summer Bay with Alf Stewart!" he said.

David Koch on Home and Away
Former Sunrise host David Koch has also appeared on Home and Away in 2007. Photo: Seven

“What a fun experience. The entire cast and crew were so welcoming and generous with acting tips and advice for this novice."


He also joked that he wasn't sure what his kids' reaction would be.“I think this will be one of those things my kids are never going to let me live down," he said.

Other Sunrise stars have popped up in the Bay before, with Sam Mac playing himself in 2021, popping up as a VIP guest at a Summer Bay soiree, and David 'Kochie' Koch also making a cameo in 2007, spotted mingling at the Summer Bay surf club, holding onto a bev as he said the line, "Yeah sure".

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