Sunrise's Kochie called out for embarrassing fail live on-air: 'Just sad'

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch was called out live on-air on Tuesday morning for his embarrassing mix-up at the supermarket.

Kochie and Monique Wright, who has been filling in for Nat Barr over the past week while she’s isolating at home with Covid, were interviewing a grocery store worker when Monique took a dig at her co-host.

Sunrise's Kochie and Monique Wright.
Sunrise’s David ‘Kochie’ Koch was called out live on-air for his hilarious mix-up at the supermarket. Photo: Channel Seven

“Do you ever find that people get zucchinis and cucumbers mixed up?” she asked the employee, while Kochie sadly raised his hand in admission to the fail.

“When [Kochie’s wife] Lib asked him to steam zucchinis, he steamed the cucumbers,” she continued with a laugh. “Is that common?”

The worker replied that the issue wasn’t something he had come across before, leaving Kochie even more embarrassed by the blunder.

“Oh, good on you Steve for hanging me out to dry!” he responded.


Kochie went on to share a hilarious story that recently happened at his local market, where he buys fruit and vegetables every Monday night.

“I went there yesterday and they had the zucchini and the cucumber next to each other,” he detailed. “I turned around and they were all laughing. I said, ‘You did that deliberately, didn’t you?’.”

“I love them,” Monique added.

‘That’s just sad'

After the moment was shared on social media, a number of viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on Kochie’s fail.

“Oh dear me Kochie, that’s just sad,” one person wrote. “Obviously not a home veg grower.”

“Absolutely not acceptable,” another joked, followed by a third who added, “Monique is a crack-up”.

However, plenty of people confessed that they related to the mix-up and were supportive of Kochie.

“Some are tricky!” a follower replied, while someone else commented, “It’s not sad, I always double-check what they are by reading the signs, they look alike”.

“When I was about 10 (I’m now 50) I rode my bike to the shops to get mum a lettuce, I came back with a cabbage,” a different user shared. “Mum never sent me to the shops again”.

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