Sunrise host's hilarious swipe at Robert Irwin live on air: 'Iconic'

Sunrise guest host Kylie Gillies couldn’t resist taking a hilarious swipe at Robert Irwin on Thursday, which the 18-year-old took in his stride.

Robert appeared on the show as a ‘guest weatherman’, filling in for Sunrise’s Sam Mac.

L: Kylie Gillies in a maroon jacket and David 'Kochie' Koch in a navy blue suit jacket on the set of Sunrise. R: Robert Irwin smiles at the camera in his Australia Zoo uniform
Sunrise guest host Kylie Gillies couldn't help taking a swipe at Robert Irwin. Photo: Seven

After the media personality read the weather, David ‘Kochie’ Koch shared some sweet photos of Kylie’s children dressed up as Robert and Bindi Irwin.

“I don’t know if you know, but the Gillies family is full of little wildlife warriors,” he told Robert.

Robert loved the outfits, saying that the pair had “done the khaki uniform proud.”


Kylie explained that her children had to dress up as a ‘famous Australian’ back in 2016, and then took great glee in pointing out the ill-fitting wigs.

“We loved that pageboy haircut, did you? You had it for so many years Robert,” Kylie quipped.

“The bowl cut, mate, it was iconic. I think we should start a petition, bring back the bowl,” Robert replied, while laughing.

L: Kylie's two children dressed up in wigs to look like Bindi and Robert Irwin. R: A close up shot of a smiling Robert Irwin as a kid, he is missing some teeth and has a bowl haircut
Kylie made fun of Robert's bowl haircut that he had as a child. Photo: Seven & Getty

Robert was then presented with a large bunch of flowers, to give to his mother Terri Irwin as a birthday present.

“That’s a huge surprise, we really appreciate that so much, we love you guys,” Robert gushed.

“I’ll be sure to pass this onto her. They’ll mean the absolute world, you guys are so kind, thank you.”

Kylie didn’t miss a beat and warned the star not to take all the credit from the gift.

“Tell her they’re from us and not you Robert, I don’t want you taking any [credit]!” she laughed.

Robert Irwin in his Australia Zoo uniform smiles at the camera on Sunrise
Robert found the humour in all of Kylie's swipes. Photo: Seven

Fans went wild for Robert’s new role on Sunrise, with many calling him a ‘natural’ talent.

“Robert Irwin is a natural at everything. He’s a truly magnificent human,” one wrote.

“He did an awesome job. So many characteristics displayed of his terrific late father,” another added.

“He is my favourite of the Irwins. He has that genuine passion for the animals and conservation like his dad did,” a third chimed in.

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