Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac's surprising replacement revealed

He's been with the show since 2016, but Sam Mac's is being replaced by one very funny weatherman.

It’s been a week of Sunrise shake-ups, with sports reporter Katie Browne taking on Mark Beretta’s sports reporting duties on the panel. And now, it’s been revealed that comedian Jimmy Rees is set to join the show, taking over from Sam Mac.

“Breaking news. I am becoming the Sunrise weather guy all week next week. I’ve been channeling Sam Mac," he said on the show.

Sam Mac standing in front of a sunrise
Sam Mac's replacement has been announced. Photo: Instagram/Sam Mac

Jimmy said he’ll be going to a primary school and the hot springs on the Morning Peninsula next week, with Natalie Barr informing Jimmy that they’ve got some defensive driver training planned for the comedian.

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac - who took over from Edwina Bartholomew as weather presenter on the hit morning show in 2016 - isn’t going anywhere though, as fans have been assured that he’s simply taking a week’s annual leave

“Sam sends his thanks because he’s happy having the week off but says ‘make sure you don’t do too good a job’,” Sunrise host Matt Shirvington said.

“How hard can it be,” Jimmy replied


“I’ve got something that I want to say. I think the weather actually holds him back. What I’m going to change about next week is, can people just get the weather up on their phone so I can keep having some fun. You cross to the weather, I’ll just be like, just look it up on your phone, I’ll keep going on my defensive driver course, watch that and then you can just check it on your phone.”

Jimmy Rees, Natalie Barr
Comedian Jimmy Rees is set to brighten up viewers' mornings next week. Photo: Instagram/Sam Mac

Jimmy Rees is a viral comedic sensation, with his lockdown videos taking off in 2021. He previously hosted the popular children’s series, Giggle and Hoot.nThe comedian is now set to take his stand-up show ‘Not That Kinda Viral’ on the road.

Meanwhile, Sam Mac no doubt wants to spend some time on annual leave with his adorable six-month-old daughter, Margot.

Speaking with TV Week, Sam previously shared the relatable struggles of trying to pack for a holiday with a baby.

Sam Mac in a selfie
Sam Mac is taking a week's annual leave. Photo: Instagram/Sam Mac

"Anyone who is a parent, or who has had a baby realizes how much stuff they have like they are absolute divas," he said.

"I thought I was a diva but then travelling with Margo, even if you are going out half the day you are taking out half the content of your house just in case."

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