Sunrise star's surprising encounter with Princess Mary live on-air

Reporter Katie Brown spoke with the royal before she went on a bike ride around Sydney.

Sunrise reporter Katie Brown had a surprising encounter with Princess Mary of Denmark on Friday morning during her first official visit to Australia in over a decade.

The Tasmanian-born royal, who married Prince Frederik of Denmark in 2004, flew into Sydney on Thursday night as part of a Pacific tour to discuss the consequences of climate change and the transition to renewable energy.

Princess Mary and Sunrise reporter Katie Brown in Sydney.
Sunrise’s Katie Brown spoke with Princess Mary in Sydney on Friday morning. Photos: Channel Seven

Early on Friday morning she appeared at Hyde Park and spoke briefly with the Channel Seven journalist before heading off on a 2km cycle with City of Sydney staff.

“Hey, Princess Mary!” Katie shouted after being encouraged by the breakfast show’s host Natalie Barr to ask a question. “Are you enjoying your time?”

To Katie’s surprise, Mary turned to her and responded: “Yes, I’m looking forward to this bike ride very much. It’s a beautiful day.”

“Great to have you back in Australia,” Katie said, to which Mary replied with a smile, “Thank you so much, it’s wonderful to be here”.


Speaking with Natalie and co-host Matt Shirvington in Brekky Central after the interaction, Katie joked that she “may or may not have been stopped by a security guard” during their conversation.

“Well, you would expect security to be very close but you just always try to ask a question, and she seemed very friendly,” Nat responded. “She seemed like she liked you, I think Katie! She seemed very friendly!”

“We’re going to hang out later,” Katie joked. “Maybe a cup of tea.”

Although Mary recently spent Christmas with her family at her home in Tasmania, this trip marks her first official engagement in the country in 10 years.

According to a statement from the Danish royal family, the future Queen consort of Denmark “will participate in an event with Danish business representatives involved in the green transition in Australia, as well as visit a number of Danish-clad projects related to sustainable construction and transport” during her time in Sydney

Mary is only spending 24 hours in Australia before she flies back to Europe ahead of King Charles’ coronation in London on May 6.

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