Princess Mary's upcoming trip to Australia divides: 'Hypocritical'

The Crown Princess will arrive in Sydney on April 28.

The Danish royal family have just announced that Princess Mary of Denmark will be travelling to Australia in late April. This will be the Hobart-born royal’s first official engagement here for 10 years.

Details about the 51-year-old’s upcoming trip were shared by the official Danish Royal Instagram account on Saturday, revealing that the Crown Princess will first visit Vanuatu and Fiji before arriving in Sydney on April 28.

Princess Mary's whirlwind trip to Vanuatu, Fiji and Australia has sparked debate. Photo: Getty
Princess Mary's whirlwind trip to Vanuatu, Fiji and Australia has sparked debate. Photo: Getty

It is understood that her visit to Australia will be short, as she will be attending King Charles’ coronation in London on May 6.

The main purpose of her visit is to highlight the “consequences of climate change in the Pacific Region”, as well as participate in a ‘green event’ with Danish business representatives in Sydney.


“Her Royal Highness will participate in an event with Danish business representatives involved in the green transition in Australia, as well as visit a number of Danish-clad projects related to sustainable construction and transport," the statement said.

In the comments, many questioned the royal’s environmental footprint, with Princess Mary visiting three countries in under a week.

Princess Mary and Prince Federik at the Danish palace
Her travel plans were announced on Wednesday. Photo: Instagram/detdanskekongehus

“What [is the] CO2 [foot]print for that trip? Kind of crazy to fly so much for five days — and then to talk about the consequences of climate change,” one person pointed out.

“I agree. Lip service at best, hypocritical at worst. Besides, with all due respect, how is it appropriate for the Danish Royal Family to involve themselves in politics? They are not even elected,” another pointed out.

“I really like our Crown Princess, but is it really necessary to fly around the world?” a third asked.

“Could it be possible to meet digitally instead of [her] five day trip, and then abstain from CO2 consumption?” pondered another.


Princess Mary, Prince Federik and their children
Princess Mary recently visited Australia for Christmas with her family. Photo: Getty

However, there were a slew of fans who defended Princess Mary’s trip, saying her commitment to climate change was encouraging.

“[It’s] significantly more important than using planes to go on holiday,” a royal fan pointed out. “While the Prime Minister is using private planes, the royal [family] is flying with commercial planes.”

“We have a very modern and fantastic Royal House, which manages to put the world situation on the agenda, while preserving traditions,” another added.

“You’re welcome to pop in for a cuppa if you’re free,” an Aussie quipped.

“Hope Mary also gets time to see her family, now that she’s travelled so far and close to home,” another remarked.

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