Princess Mary's children 'sledge' her Aussie accent in viral video

The Australian-born royal's children made the comments in a rare interview.

A resurfaced video of Princess Mary’s children making fun of her Australian accent has gone viral on TikTok. She shares four children with her Danish husband, the Crown Prince of Denmark: Prince Christian, 17, Princess Isabella, 15, and 12-year-old twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent.

The usually private royal children participated in a rare interview for TV2 in Denmark, to celebrate the Crown Princess’ 50th birthday in February 2022. Her children discussed what they admired most about the Tasmanian-born royal, but also enjoyed making jokes at her expense.

Princess Mary, Prince Frederik and their four children
Princess Mary's children have made fun of her Aussie accent. Photo: Getty

The TikTok, captioned simply “poor Mary”, has been viewed over 1.3 million times and racked up thousands of likes.

“She has an Australian accent, there are some words she pronounces a little…funny,” Princess Isabella explained in the interview.

“She can’t say ‘apple’ either,” Prince Vincent added. “And then she tries to pronounce it again. But it doesn’t help, even though we tell her how to pronounce it.”


Princess Isabella smiled as she revealed that the entire family ‘teases’ Princess Mary because of her accent, even though the royal believes she is pronouncing words correctly.

The royal met her now-husband Prince Frederik at a pub in Sydney, when he was in the country for the 2000 Olympic Games. They tied the knot in 2004 before having their first child the following year.

Princess Isabella during a video interview
Princess Mary's children imitated the way she speaks in an interview. Photo: TikTok/allroyals1 & TV2

Royal fans found the TikTok video hilarious, with many defending the Crown Princess.

“It’s impressive she can speak that difficult language,” one person commented.

“That’s a bit rough. Heard that was the hardest language to learn. She is AMAZING,” another added.

“Now that’s how to marry a Prince and live a life of service to your adopted country. The original Princess Diaries!” a third chimed in.

“She’s incredible to speak the language so well when it’s not her first language,” another remarked.


Others praised the family’s ‘classic Aussie’ humour during the interview.

“They are definitely ‘half Australian’ sledging her like that,” a fan quipped.

“It just goes to show that despite our efforts our kids will always tease,” another wrote.

“Most Australian thing to take the piss out of your parents and they don’t even know it,” a third added.

“Mary’s genes are strong in her children, that Aussie pride,” remarked another.

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