Royal fans lose it over Kate Middleton's 'princess shuffle' in video with Princess Mary

The Princess of Wales' fancy footwork has everyone talking.

Imagine having the eyes of the world on you and a whole room of photographers pointing their cameras in your direction. Now, imagine you’re a member of the royal family who has to discreetly get closer to the person next to you as the cameras are clicking away.

Well, it turns out Kate Middleton is a pro at the move, going viral on TikTok over what’s been dubbed her ‘princess shuffle’.

Princess Mary posing with Queen Margrethe and Kate Middleton
A video of Kate Middleton meeting with Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe in 2022 has gone viral. Photo: Getty Images

A video from her 2022 meeting with Crown Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has people talking online, with the Princess of Wales expertly manoeuvring her feet so she seamlessly ends up standing in the perfect position.


In the video, Queen Margrethe invites the Princess of Wales to come closer for the photo, extending her arm out in Kate’s direction.

Princess Mary, Queen Margrethe and Kate MIddleton in a TikTok video
Royal fans are losing it over Kate's fancy footwork. Photo: TikTok/@the.royal.watcher

Kate shuffles her feet slightly so she ends up at an acceptable distance from the Queen in the photo. Meanwhile, Princess Mary simply takes a few steps on the other side of the Queen.

The video has gone viral online, with one person saying: “That’s a neat trick. Years of practice.”

“Shuffffffle. Discreet and elegant. Love you Kate,” another person wrote.

Others couldn’t understand why the Princess of Wales didn’t simply take a step to the side.

"Probably because it would look normal if the photographers kept taking pics and she doesn't have an awk pic with her leg sticking out to take a big step," a commenter replied.

Kate Middleton and Princess Mary first met during the then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official visit to Denmark in 2011. Since then, the pair are said to have remained close and were seen embracing like old friends during their 2022 meeting.

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