Sunrise star quits TV after 20 years for surprising new career: 'A big day'

"It’s a big day for me today."

Former Weekend Sunrise host Talitha Cummins announced on Monday that she is 'cutting ties' with the TV world after a 20-year career as a journalist and will be focusing on a new career as a jeweller.

"It’s a big day for me today," Talitha wrote alongside several images, including some of her on the Sunrise set with Edwina Bartholomew, Mark Beretta and Simon Reeve. "I’m officially cutting ties with a 20-year career in journalism/television + media consulting and launching my business in diamond and jewellery creating.

Former Weekend Sunrise host Talitha Cummins and Edwina Bartholomew
Former Weekend Sunrise host Talitha Cummins announced this week she is 'cutting ties' with the TV world and changing careers. Photo: Instagram/talithacummins

"It’s a big shift, but the move to launching my own business has given me an energy and drive like never before."

Talitha shared that she has joined forces with her uncle Craig, who has 50 years of experience in the field, and her cousin, Kara, to create The Cut Jewellery, with the trio specialising in lab-grown diamonds.


"When I went to the GIA to study diamond grading in London, we were handed a lab-grown and a mined diamond and asked to use a microscope to tell them apart. We couldn’t," she explained. "We learnt that they’re indistinguishable because they are chemically, physically and visually the same. They sparkle in the same way as they’re made of the same substance. Pure carbon. I was fascinated.

"Exactly the same product, much lower price point. A business was born that day."

She added, "I’m excited to be a part of what’s proving to be the biggest disruptor to the jewellery industry."

Talitha's friends and followers shared their support for the journalist, with one user writing, "Everything about this is magnificent. So excited to ‘watch this space’ as you soar! Congratulations and enjoy the thrilling ride to entrepreneurship - you’ll shine bright ‘like a 💎’."

"This is so truly exciting. Hugest congrats @talithacummins Could not be more thrilled for you 🙌❤️ And can’t wait to get my bling on!" another said.


"You continue to amaze me. I have seen you work so so so hard on this new venture and OMG the results are incredible," a third added. "You deserve nothing but all the fulfilment and success in the world. You are a very important person to me and many others, and I am just so proud to call you a friend."

Talitha first joined Seven in 2004 as a news reporter and weather presenter in Queensland before moving to Sydney in 2011 and later replacing Jessica Rowe as the news presenter for Weekend Sunrise in 2014.

She left Seven in early 2017 while on maternity leave, however, she claimed she was unfairly sacked. Talitha and Seven later reached a confidential settlement.

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