Sunrise host Natalie Barr's 'genius' dress hack sends fans wild

Viewers were quick to recognise the brilliance of the switch-up.

While it's no secret that the magical world of television employs a multitude of clever wardrobe and makeup tricks—the discreet use of bulldog clips here or a strategically placed safety pin there—Sunrise host Nat Barr pleasantly surprised her fans this week by unveiling a wardrobe hack that they've hailed as nothing short of 'genius'.

The dress in question was a new season design from renowned Aussie brand Manning Cartell. When Nat shared the details of her Tuesday on-air outfit, she also spilled the beans on the clever twist that made the dress truly unique-to-her on the day.

Manning Cartell Dress in Bougainvillaea on Nat Barr
The Sunrise host revealed she wore her Manning Cartell dress backward, per her stylist's suggestion, as it 'suited her better' that way. Photo: Instagram/@natalie_barr (Instagram)

According to the Brekky Central star, the show's stylist suggested she wear the dress backward because it suited her better that way, an unconventional choice that transformed the outfit entirely.

In an Instagram post, Nat shared a photo of herself in the hot pink number, saying, "lots of questions about yesterday's dress so here are the details. It's new from Aussie brand Manning Cartell BUT... I am wearing it backward... because our beautiful stylist said it suited me better that way, and believe me, what Nat says, I do (she's the boss of all things clothing)."


Upon closer inspection of Manning Cartell's website, it's evident that the "Amplify" dress, priced at $599, has both front and back silhouettes. Nat Barr's choice had her wearing the dress backward, with the front v-neckline and ruching detail cleverly concealed at the back, while the high neck and accordion pleats took centre stage at the front.

Viewers of Sunrise were quick to applaud Nat's unconventional fashion move. One fan praised the "backwards dress" as "genius" and complimented the overall look, saying, "you look wonderful."

Others chimed in, stating that the Sunrise host always looks stunning.

Indeed, since stepping into the role of Sunrise host two years ago, Natalie Barr has consistently impressed viewers with her fashion choices, often featuring pieces from popular Australian designers.

This particular look serves as a reminder that sometimes, thinking outside the box, or in this case, wearing a dress backward, can lead to unexpectedly stylish results.

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