David 'Kochie' Koch stuns with X-rated interview about his sex life

'I’m more exhausted now than working on Sunrise since getting your rude deck of cards,' the former Sunrise star said.

David ‘Kochie’ Koch has stunned with a very X-rated chat on radio, revealing how sex cards he received as a gift at the Logies have ‘brought a bit of zest back to the relationship’ with wife, Libby.

The retired Sunrise star appeared on KIIS Network’s Will & Woody, where he thanked regular guest Rude Jude for the item.

Kochie on Carols in the Domain
Kochie has shocked with an X-rated radio interview. Photo: Channel 7

Rude Jude who has decided to close her Bait & Tackle shop in Charleville, QLD, which has a ‘naughty corner’, attended the Logies at the end of July, where she and Kochie had a chat about adult paraphernalia.


Kochie, who has been married to wife Libby for the past 44 years, told Rude Jude on the red carpet: “I’m a retired TV person, married for 44 years. What sex toy would you recommend for Lib and I?”

After much debate about which X-rated item Kochie should take home, they settled on sex cards.

This morning, while live on radio, Kochie told Will and Woody that they sex cards ‘went well’.

Kochie and his wife Libby
Kochie and his wife Libby have been married for 44 years. Photo: Instagram/Kochie

“Lib freezed me out for a day or two when I first brought them home but after that, she became intrigued and let me tell you, they brought a bit of zest back to the relationship. So Jude, I will be eternally grateful,” he said.

Rude Jude then appeared on the show asking Kochie if he was ‘sexcited’.

“I’m more exhausted now than working on Sunrise since getting your rude deck of cards,” he replied.

“They went well. I said to the boys that Lib ignored me for a couple of days and then became a bit curious about them and let me tell you, it has put a bit of zest back in our relationship.”

Kochie at the 2023 Logies
Kochie appeared at the Logies in July. Photo: Channel Seven

Rude Jude responded saying: “I love it when you talk dirty.”

Kochie continued: "We need to go to the next level. What would be the next level after the cards? What have you got there that’s good value?"

Rude Jude told Kochie that she’s got blow-up dolls and a bell with the slogan ‘Ring For Sex’ emblazoned on it, with Kochie saying: “Lovely that sounds right up our alley I reckon”.

“I will report back,” a laughing Kochie said.

Kochie and Libby’s love story

Kochie met Libby when he was just 21-years-old and within seven months the pair were engaged.

They married on January 20, 1979 in Sydney and went on to welcome four kids together.

Kochie and his wife on their wedding day
Kochie met his wife when he was 21. Photo: Sunrise

"We always had so much in common. We have a similar sense of humour and we’re both family-oriented, having come from very close families. We have a sense of adventure through travel, and we’ve always liked the same things and been passionate about them,” Kochie previously told New Idea.

"Libby is the world’s best mother, the best nurturer and carer.

"We half-jokingly in the family refer to Lib as a friend of the forlorn, because if anyone is in strife or doing it tough, Lib will always go and help them. It’s been a wonderful trait to pass down to our kids."

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